Footium NFT football strategy game to begin minting teams 15th Nov

Do you want your own football club from Footium?

Then make a date for the first club sale mint on November 15th. In all, they intend to initially mint and sell a total of 3060 football clubs at a price of 0.05 ETH. Minting will be rolled out over three days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6pm GMT. Minting can be done via the Footium website.

To accompany the sale of the clubs there will also be the chance to win 1 of 5 football clubs or 1 ETH and a football club in their giveaway. Furthermore, anybody who joins the giveaway will be added to the whitelist for phase 2 minting on Wednesday. To get on the whitelist you first need to sign up to there Discord. You then proceed to announcements where there is a form that needs to be filled in.

Pioneer minters of Footium teams will automatically be given early excess to the game. This also gives them an advantage of others as the rarer the team badge, the higher the league you start in.

Think of the tiered system of national football leagues throughout the world. Footium are using a similar pyramid system. The premier league will consist of 12 teams, the second 24, third 48 for a complete set of 8 leagues in this initial presale.

So far, we have only mentioned the club and badge, but you get much more than this. As the owner of a club, you gain access to the game, a unique 3D stadium, a club kit, and colors, coaches, and an academy. Your club also has its own tradition that includes its own Ultras and club history.

Footium is multi-chained

Footium is a multi-chain play to ern game. Some crypto chains that you can use to play include Ethereum, Solana, Binance chain, Avalanche, and Algorand. On top of that, each crypto chain has its own league, like each country having their own league set up.

At the end of each season there will be a cross-chain championship similar to the European Champions league.

How does Footium work?

The game will use the Footium token within the game to reward winners and for all transactions such as transfers and can also be staked. Clubs with more tokens staked, will have a larger fanbase, and quicker leveling up of the stadium and home game advantages. For example, players have more abilities and coaches to improve their game and tactics.

Each club has its own players who have different strengths and weaknesses. Each player is an NFT that can be bought or sold. Like real football players the cards will star of as young players and mature before being retired from the game. However, that doesn’t mean the NFTs are worthless even in retirement they can be used as coaches or even living legends.

The academy is where you can mint more players and the better your club the better the players that can be minted. Your club academy can become a card minting machine that produce players that may well become living legends in the game.

Another core aspect of the game includes the transfer market. This is where you can buy and trade players from which you can make profits or reinvest wisely.

Within the gameplay itself you need to employ the correct tactics to out play your opponent and create an off-field morale that keeps the whole club behind the team.

Footium is the latest NFT game related to football. You can head over to their website and join up to the whitelist.


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