Lucky Maneki NFTs – ‘The Luckiest NFTs’ ever created, now living on the Ethereum Blockchain

Lucky Maneki NFTs are beautifully created Japanese beckoning cats, born in the magical and legendary world of ‘Luckeania’. They are now sending their good vibes of fortune from the Ethereum Blockchain and about to Drop Big!

Lucky Manekis – A Rich and Fortuitous Tradition

‘Maneki Neko’ are lucky charms and one of Japan’s many recognizable symbols, having been around for hundreds of years. Simply put, they are believed to bring good luck to the owner. The literal translation of ‘Maneki Neko’ is ‘beckoning cat’. You have probably seen them in restaurants beckoning you over as you pay your bill.

Now, ‘Maneki Neko’ is part of an amazing and innovative NFT collection called ‘Lucky Maneki’– a project involving great artists and the ‘luckiest NFTs ever created’. The beckoning paw is even more intriguing when you see and hear these NFTs as well as learn about the treasure hunts, challenges, and awesome prizes that come with owning a Lucky Maneki NFT.

With their innovative sound infusion, 3D Maneki NFT Drops, and an array of challenges, we learned about where Lucky Manekis come from and about their place as NFTs on the blockchain.

What are Lucky Maneki NFTs?

Starting with an algorithm-generated random combination of hundreds of traits, just over 14000 Lucky Manekis have grown and fortuitously mutated into rarer cats for collectors. They come with a host of rare and common features such as bodies, heads, items in both hands and even changing backgrounds.

And that’s not all, some of the images contain hidden messages in the form of glyphs that lucky owners can use to solve riddles and win cool prizes.

Legend has it, the powers of good fortune and prosperity conspired to form the first 40 ‘Epic Manekis’, the most valuable of all Manekis. These are the most powerful and sought-after of all Manekis due to the rarity and special traits they possess.

These beautifully crafted images are a collaboration of over 21 talented artists and are easily identifiable by their special ribbons.

Furthermore, owners can personalize their Lucky Manekis. One way is by assigning them a unique name that will exist on the blockchain alongside the images. Choose a memorable name and it may even increase the value of your Maneki which has been generating lots of sales volume in the past few months. 


All Lucky Maneki NFTs incorporate 3 layers of rarity embedded directly into their images. This clever feature facilitates challenges enabling you to find out how lucky your Lucky Maneki really is.

Currently, there are three types of challenges Lucky Maneki owners can partake in Legendary, Rare, and Diamond challenges.   


Legendary challenges are the hardest to complete and require you to be among the first to complete a specific set of Lucky Manekis and store them in the same wallet. Be among the first to complete the set and you will receive a limited-edition mint reward like this:


Next up, we have rare challenges. These challenges are easier to complete and require participants to collect a smaller set of Luck Manekis. In return for completing the set, participants are entered into a Lucky Raffle with winners receiving a limited-edition mint like this really cool ‘Bloodmoon Maneki’.


Diamond challenges are quite simple and require completing certain actions that benefit the project in return for entry into daily Lucky Raffles. The actions required for entry vary and can range from something as simple as purchasing a Maneki to not listing Manekis for sale below a certain price. An example of a reward is this magical forest-dwelling Maneki:

And if challenges aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other prizes to win in the daily raffles.

Like each day one lucky wallet holder will receive a prize of 0.2 ETH. And, as an added incentive to hoard Manekis, the more you own the greater the chances of winning.

The Lucky Maneki Roadmap

The Lucky Maneki community has a lot to look forward to over the coming months.

First of all, the project has some exciting partnerships in the works. One is a signed agreement with LandVault to allow Manekis to have their own world in the AvatarLand metaverse.

There is also an upcoming avatar drop. Lucky Maneki holders will be able to claim their Free + Gas Avatar NFT from the new Maneki Gang collection. These avatars are designed specifically to serve as profile pics and come with their own built-in rarity. This is happening on August 23rd.

Sound Collection Release

Next up, we have the exciting Sound Collection release. All Lucky Maneki items, be it body, heads and backgrounds will be assigned their very own unique audio track. The project’s in-house sound system will then blend these sounds together based on each Luck Manekis trait to create personalized soundtracks to go with each NFT.

3D Maneki NFT Drop

There is also a highly anticipated 3:1 claimable 3D drop coming soon.  For every 3 Manekis that you own, you will be able to claim one stunning 3D Maneki NFT. These 3D models come with 30 – 40 base different base models and interchangeable elements. Furthermore, there are even rumors that the models will be 3D printing compatible.

What does the Future Hold for Lucky Manekis?

The future of the project is very much in the hands of the community. The team behind the project is striving to create a truly Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governed by the community. Currently, the DAO has a holding of around 40 ETH, and the community and all Maneki holders can play their part in the project by making proposals and voting on which proposals to pass.

We’re excited to see this community thrive and about what the future holds for them. The legend of ‘Maneki Neko’, the lucky beckoning cat, is certainly on their side.

Check out more Lucky Manekis on Opensea

And also on their website and social media handles:





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