NFT Artist Spotlight – Karrie Ross

For this edition of our latest ‘NFT Artist Spotlight’, LA native, Karrie Ross spoke to us about her amazing artistic experience and her journey into the NFT Community. 

Karrie’s Background

Karrie Ross, whose art centers on questions about being human, grew up with the quintessential Southern California Beach bunny parents in the 60s. She started her career with stained glass and newspaper ads in 1970s Colorado after her first husband returned from serving in Vietnam.  

It has taken the years since then, to get to where she is now conceptually, and her skills have developed as she travels through new artistic adventures into different styles and mediums.

Karrie has many talents and has had many roles throughout her distinguished career. She has worked in the high-end design industry including for Disney and Transamerica which has transitioned her into her current role of creating books and promotions for self-publishing authors. Karrie has had publication mentions in Hollywood Today, Los Angeles Times, and The Huffington Post.

She also organizes a yearly art-history-book project about ‘in-life’ stories focused on creating community, and documenting the international and California Art Scene.

Her unique creations are a reflection of herself, her history, and the fact that we all experience life differently. She has drawn inspiration from Louise Bourgeois, Manray, and MCEscher.

Her Creations and Journey into NFT Art

An award-winning artist, Karrie Ross has focused her amazing talent recently on creating digital art.

So what brought her into the digital art space? Well, she craves new adventures, experiences, and learning new ways of stimulating her creative juices. Her interest in technology goes back, to when the MAC Plus in the 80s opened up digital exploration to her on new levels.

Karrie began in the NFT world in March 2021 after a gallerist at her gallery in Cambria introduced her to the new concept. She started with the intention of documenting her 2D Art and sculptures.  

She started with drawing whimsical images on top of photographs she’s taken over the years with slight animation distortions.

Since then, she has spent lots of time in the NFT space learning about the ins, the outs, and the volatility of crypto. Karrie loves being part of a community of such diverse and creative individuals. She says the NFT community keeps her feeling young, and she appreciates their patience with answering her ‘newbie’ questions. She is loving life.

Karrie Ross knows her art helps people see new perspectives. She wants the viewer to feel a connection that resonates with their internal vibrations.

She is also dropping bits and pieces of 2D Art as she goes along.

On her NFT journey, she is looking forward to many magical moments of adventures, community, exhibitions, and learning.

Where can you find her creations?

She has NFT collections listed on Foundation and Opensea and they are soon to be on other platforms.

Her 2D art can be seen and purchased from Artsy, Saatchiart, as well as personally contacting her through her websites: karrierossart and karrieross.

We would like to thank Karrie for taking the time to tell us about herself and her art. We love how the NFT Community merges so many diverse artists together into one space. Karrie is an exceptional artist whose journey has taken her to many different places. She is an inspiration for aspiring NFT artists, and of course, inspires us to reflect on and change our own artistic perspectives.

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