NFT Artist Spotlight – Adel

In this edition of our ‘NFT Artist Spotlight’, we spoke to Adelson Tavares aka Adel, an expert in Game Art and Illustration, who has started using his incredible abilities to make the NFT Space a more interesting place.

Adel’s Background

Hailing from Aracaju, Brazil, Adel describes himself as a coffeeholic by choice and an artist by accident. His journey as an artist started during the game development boom at the beginning of the 2000s in Brazil. Since then, he has mostly been working in the game entertainment and technology spaces.

He has worked as an artist on projects for well-known entertainment companies like Marvel Games, Apple, and Fox Film. Currently, he is the lead artist for a future building AI and Robotics company called NextOS and Creative Leader at BaeBay Entertainment. He does all this while working on his own projects and freelancing through his studio Onimetal Art.

Adel’s Creations and NFT Journey

Similar to many of the artists who speak to us, a friend of Adel’s introduced him to this ‘crazy crypto thing’. At first, he was skeptical about NFTs – ‘Are you saying that we can sell exclusive artwork in digital media? Are you crazy?!’.

But then, he started learning more about the possibilities and community in the NFT space and he is now loving it. Using NFT technology enables him to get back to doing personal creations as an artist. It gives him the creative freedom he seeks without having the feeling of “doing a daily job”. His NFTs include long-term projects as well as single creations.

What makes his NFT Art unique is the same as what makes him a unique person. For Adel, art is a special part of what’s inside him, and he wants others to transform it with their eyes when he shares it with them. The deeper he goes with his art, the more intensely he learns from it.

Every piece contains pieces of journeys he has taken and stories he has returned with. These have made him who he is as an artist.

He usually mixes charcoals, pencils, and sometimes acrylics for his creations. He also likes to work with digital line art, usually black and white.

There isn’t a specific feeling he wants to invoke in the viewer of his art because he doesn’t want to break the magic of two worlds colliding – his world and the viewer’s. He gets wonderfully surprised to hear people’s different impressions of his art which go beyond what he could have ever imagined himself.

Adel’s Future with NFTs

Having worked in digital media for many years, he knows NFT technology will evolve quickly, and every day he sees new and creative ways to use it.

For Adel, it’s all about discovering, experimenting, and learning. As long as he can keep doing that he will be happy. He is looking forward to many interesting surprises within the space in the coming years.

Adel is mostly on the Tezos network rather than Ethereum, but most of his work can be seen on:

He also works with some exclusive artworks on Ethereum on

People can always check his personal website to check his entire portfolio.

We would like to thank Adel for speaking with us, it was amazing to learn about him and to view his work. We love seeing how artists from different spaces, in Adel’s case Game Art and Illustration, have come together to make the NFT Space culturally and artistically so diverse. Good luck to him on his journey and we are excited to see where it takes him.

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