From Studio to Stage with Web3: Mastercard and OnesToWatch

Mastercard has announced its latest Web3 move—the limited-edition Mastercard Music Pass NFT. This pass is a crucial element of the second season of the Artist Accelerator program, which aims to empower up-and-coming musicians with cutting-edge technology and tools to enhance their music creation, marketing, and monetization skills. 

This pass allows fans exclusive access to concert tickets, content, and advanced features while supporting emerging artists like Asha Imuno, Brooke Alexx, JANAYAH, Juliet Ivy, and Loyal Lobos.

Advancing Artist Careers with Technology

Mastercard launched the Artist Accelerator program in 2023 to equip emerging musicians with Web3 and AI technologies, responding to the ever-evolving music industry’s demands. This year, they have partnered with OnesToWatch, a popular global music discovery platform, to expand their reach and elevate artists from studio recordings to live performances. 

Source MasterCard

This pass is not your average music pass; it is personalized, incorporating each user’s musical preferences to create a unique audiovisual experience.

Este Haim of the GRAMMY-nominated group HAIM, a mentor for the program, perfectly captured its essence at the Los Angeles summit: “The music you make is a part of you. That is why we are so passionate about what we create.”

A Diverse Roster of Talent

The 2024 lineup boasts an eclectic mix of artists from different musical backgrounds and styles. Asha Imuno brings a blend of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and Funk to the table, creating a fresh sound with classic influences. Brooke Alexx‘s Pop-Rock sensibility and innovative songwriting have earned her a devoted fan following. 

JANAYAH, an emerging artist from London’s prestigious BRIT School, delivers powerful vocals in her signature blend of Pop and Dance music. With her unique Chinese-Colombian heritage, Juliet Ivy infuses Indie and Folk into her Pop sound. Loyal Lobos channels her Colombian roots through bilingual songs that resonate with a universal pop appeal.

How to Join

The limited-edition Mastercard Music Pass is now available. It can be personalized through an interactive journey on Mastercard’s dedicated website. According to the announcement, during the interactive minting process, users will answer questions about their musical tastes. Based on their responses, they will receive a multisensory pass that includes custom visual artwork and a 15-second audio track tailored to their preferences.


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