The Sandbox Integrates Voxodeus Collectible NFTs

The Sandbox has announced a partnership with Voxodeus, which means that all 6,313 Voxodeus NFTs will be playable inside their virtual world. The Voxodeus NFT collection consists out of five different voxelized species, ranging from robots to godlike creatures. These come in four factions and in three different rarities. There are plans for games in … Read more

Zepeto and The Sandbox Announce NFT Interoperability

The Sandbox is working with avatar service Zepeto to have their NFTs work across their respective virtual worlds. Players will be able to use the exact same asset, the same NFT on the blockchain, across multiple parallel gaming or social universes. Both Zepeto and The Sandbox will create a 3D space in their respective virtual … Read more

The Sandbox Adds NFT Rewards to Liquidity Mining

Users who join the liquidity mining program for The Sandbox, can now also earn NFT rewards. In the coming months liquidity providers of the SAND-ETH pool on Uniswap can earn 1,5 million SAND in rewards, while stakers also have a chance to earn an exclusive Golden Key NFT. The purpose of this Golden Key is … Read more

Mirandus Shows Growing Forest As Blueprint for Dynamic Life

Alongside a revamped product website for Mirandus, Gala Games has showcased a forest growing demo built in Unity. It’s a very based introduction into how dynamic life in Mirandus will be. According to the accompanying blog post, they will apply similar rules to wild life and other living systems in the Mirandus ecosystem. This forest … Read more

My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Postponed

The world building game My Neighbor Alice originally had a land sale planned this week, but these plans have been postponed. The developers are simply not ready yet and want to make sure that their smart contract are well audited. First there will be two weeks of staking ALICE tokens, which earns users raffle tokens. … Read more

Decentral Games Brings Club Amnesia Ibiza to Metaverse

Decentral Games is expanding its efforts from casino gaming to night clubs as it announced a partnership with Amnesia Ibiza. A virtual version of the club with come to Decentraland, offering dance music on the virtual dance floor. They plan to open the club in the metaverse in June this year. Amnesia Ibiza is one … Read more

Influence Selling Asteroids for Open Space Economy

The open-universe space exploration game Influence currently has its pre-sale for asteroids happening as it promises players an open universe with an economy where everybody will have a role. During the pre-sale you get to buy your own asteroid which contains valuable in-game resources. Trading will be a big part of the economic process in … Read more

Gamers No Longer Pay Gas Fees in VulcanForged Ecosystem

VulcanForged no longer requires users to pay for gas fees as the ecosystem will sponsor all gas fees needed to trade, buy, sell or create NFTs. As a result the virtual world of VulcanVerse and for example the trading card game Berserk just became a whole lot more user friendly. VulcanForged paying for the gas … Read more

PlayDapp Bringing Roblox Game to Polygon

South Korean blockchain company PlayDapp is bringing its ecosystem to the Polygon blockchain solution, and that means that their Roblox game PlayDapp Town will also move over. The South Korean company will integrate Polygon in its products to make their games and NFT marketplaces more cost effective. PlayDapp has the PlayDapp Games platform, where players … Read more

The Sandbox to Convert Premium to Regular Land

When the timer runs out on Wednesday, The Sandbox will convert all unsold premium land parcels to regular land parcels. In addition they will burn the unsold NFTs that bundled with the premium land parcels. At the moment a couple of hundred premium lands are still available for sale, with 22 hours on the clock. … Read more