Using Binance to Convert ALICE or CHR from ERC-20 to BEP-20 and Vice Versa

Hello! This beginner’s guide will help you understand the difference between ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum blockchain and BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain and teach you how to switch between ERC-20 and BEP-20 by using Binance exchange. This guide assumes you have the following: The Metamask wallet extension, set up for both Ethereum and Binance … Read more

NFTmall X Ferrum Staking Details

NFTmall Just now·5 min read NFTmall x Ferrum Partnership Overview NFTmall has officially finalized an exciting partnership with the Ferrum Network. What makes this collaboration extremely appealing to the NFTmall(GEM) user base? It’s simple, $GEM holders can generate a passive income and will now have staking capabilities. Ferrum’s revolutionary technology brings our networks together, for … Read more

Stake your PMON on Binance Smart Chain

Lennart Brandt May 28 · 4 min read When launching Polkamon on new chains, our primary goal is to ensure the functionality is as close to the Ethereum chain as possible. Shortly after launching on Binance Smart Chain, we announced PMON on PancakeSwap and recently enabled Booster Opening Ceremonies. Today, we are excited to launch … Read more

Chromia’s CHR token Launches on BSC with a Staking Event on PancakeSwap

Today, the wait is over! We have officially launched the BEP-20 version of the CHR token! The contract can be viewed here: Users can receive BEP-20 Chroma tokens in the following ways: By withdrawing CHR tokens from Binance and selecting ‘BEP-20’ as the blockchain network (available now!) By using the bridge at ChainSwap … Read more

My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Process About to Start

Antler Interactive has announced that deposits for the upcoming land sale for My Neighbor Alice will start tomorrow, Wednesday May 26th at 10 AM UTC. It’s the first step in the land sale process, followed by a staking period. Based on the deposits and the staking time, users will earn raffle tickets. Only winners of … Read more

YouTube Livestream Recap — News, Announcements, and more!

YouTube Livestream Recap — News, Announcements, and more! Following the announcement regarding our public beta, we’re delighted to announce the Refinable Platform is now available to the public! Refinable’s Public Beta is a significant milestone for us to showcase a working product that satisfies our high standards to our fantastic community and supporters. Thanks to the incredible effort of … Read more

Enterprise Grade Blockchain IOST Partners Moonstake to Support Crypto Staking of IOST Coin

IOST has teamed up with Moonstake in order to support staking functionality for IOST coin on Moonstake wallets. Moonstake began offering services in the staking business in 2020 with the goal to develop the biggest staking network in Asia. Since that time, Moonstake claims it has created the most user-friendly crypto wallets for Web Wallet … Read more

Alchemix Finance unlock your future yield

Alchemix Finance is a one-of-a-kind DeFi protocol that enables the creation of DAI stablecoin pegged synthetic tokens representing future yield. In other words, the protocol assigns deposited DAI stablecoins to the Yearn Finance liquidity aggregator to start earning yield. However, instead of seeing your returns grow over time, you can receive an advance on these … Read more

Announcement of the $FINE LP Staking & Tesla Giveaway Extraordinaire!

To celebrate the conclusion of our token sale and the launch of our $FINE token on PancakeSwap, we will be hosting an extraordinary lottery pool for early community liquidity providers, giving away prizes including iPad Pros, iPhone 12 Pros, and a Tesla Model 3 for our grand prize! Introducing the $FINE LP Staking Lottery Our $FINE tokens … Read more

$9 Billion+ Staked into Binance for Trilium (TLM); Opens on

Alien Worlds Apr 10·2 min read Alien Worlds, a simulated economy where players compete with NFTs, is quickly rising to the top of the DappRadar charts. In the Alien Worlds defi Metaverse, explorers use Trilium (TLM) tokens they mine to participate in governance and to access further features, now more than $9 billion has been … Read more