Artist Series Week #5

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re making adjustments to make artist series pools more economical, including physical and free components from select artists pools this week. We’ve set a recommended ETH cap at 10 ETH for all pools moving forward. Any pools exceeding this cap is done at the artist’s discretion. Artist Series Week #5 Tyler Russo … Read more

Artist Series Week #4

This week on MEME… We have a lot of new and exciting drops lined up for this week’s Artist Series. Including our very first double-auction, one of the highest-ranked battle rappers of all time, and the most OG of meme artists the world has to offer. 5/4 |@lushsux 5/6 | JC Rivera 5/7 | Hollow Da Don @lushsux @lushsux … Read more

MEME Artist Series Week #3

The creativity is in the air with this week’s artist drops. We worked hard in bringing you a diverse and artistic selection of rare exclusive NFTs, only available on MEME! 4/28 — Wooden Cyclops 4/29 — Raf Grassetti 4/30 — Frank Wilder Wooden Cyclops Wooden Cyclops is first up to bat this week, and the bases are loaded with his iconic psychedelic artwork. Wesley … Read more

$MEME Artist Drop 18: Odious

Odious is dropping on $MEME, and with him, are 3 exclusive NFTs available for mint and a 1/1 auction. Everyone at $MEME is ecstatic to announce that Odious has created a collection of NFTs only available on our platform. As we gear up for v2, this will be the last drop until the official release. So … Read more

$MEME Artist Drop 17: Remo

Remo takes the stage at $MEME, bringing 3 exclusive NFTs available for mint and one for auction. The $MEME team is thrilled to announce that Remo will be dropping 4 new NFTs you can only grab for a limited time. Remo, a multidisciplinary artist who works across genres, with a background in fine art, graffiti, design, illustration, … Read more