Chris Potter x $MEME: Plein Air Pineapples

$MEME is bringing a very special guest artist to the platform this Saturday who is making waves in the NFT world as he has in the fine art world. Chris Potter is a full-time plein air painter — a rare breed in the world of fine art where his talent manifests itself with a paintbrush and canvas— live … Read more

Ebay Officially Allows NFTs To Be Sold

Ebay, one of the biggest internet marketplaces in the world, just announced that they now allow buying and selling NFTs through their website. According to Reuters this move would make Ebay the first ecommerce company to embrace non-fungible tokens. For now Ebay only allows sellers that meet their standards to officially sell NFTs. This also … Read more

Animoca Expands NFT Business to Immutable X

Animoca Brands has announced its latest expansion in the NFT ecosystem, as the company will embrace Immutable X as a new solution for minting and issuing digital assets. Without revealing any roadmap, Animoca and Immutable strongly referred to projects like F1 Delta Time, MotoGP Ignition, The Sandbox and Crazy Defense Heroes as possible options. In … Read more

Artist Series Week #5

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re making adjustments to make artist series pools more economical, including physical and free components from select artists pools this week. We’ve set a recommended ETH cap at 10 ETH for all pools moving forward. Any pools exceeding this cap is done at the artist’s discretion. Artist Series Week #5 Tyler Russo … Read more

Lost Relics with Unique Gas Fee Solution for In-Game Transactions

Lost Relics has created an interesting solution to solve their gas fee issues on the Ethereum blockchain. They have created a custom solution that allows players to trade NFTs on Ethereum mainnet without paying any gas fees. It’s literally an in-game workaround. Any dapp built on Ethereum needs to deal with high gas prices in … Read more

Zepeto and The Sandbox Announce NFT Interoperability

The Sandbox is working with avatar service Zepeto to have their NFTs work across their respective virtual worlds. Players will be able to use the exact same asset, the same NFT on the blockchain, across multiple parallel gaming or social universes. Both Zepeto and The Sandbox will create a 3D space in their respective virtual … Read more

Ebay Considering to Become an NFT Marketplace

Online marketplace Ebay is looking at options to enable the sales of NFT assets on their website. CEO Jamie Iannone told CNBC that they are ‘exploring opportunities’ to enable NFTs on the platform ‘in an easy way’. The platform is also still looking at crypto as payment option, even though that’s a position they’ve had … Read more

Genies NFT Marketplace Launching This Summer

Dapper Labs will launch its second major product on the Flow blockchain this summer, and that will be the Genies NFT Marketplace. This NFT Marketplace is meant for digital wearables that are either distributed by Genies themselves, or in partnership with celebrities and content creators. Genies is a project that’s all about personal avatars in … Read more

MEME Artist Series Week #3

The creativity is in the air with this week’s artist drops. We worked hard in bringing you a diverse and artistic selection of rare exclusive NFTs, only available on MEME! 4/28 — Wooden Cyclops 4/29 — Raf Grassetti 4/30 — Frank Wilder Wooden Cyclops Wooden Cyclops is first up to bat this week, and the bases are loaded with his iconic psychedelic artwork. Wesley … Read more