Microsoft and Enjin Roll Out NFT-Based Reward System to Praise Women in Science

Microsoft has teamed up with gaming-based blockchain platform Enjin to roll out customizable non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The tokens will be compatible and transferrable with sandbox-adventure video game Minecraft. According to an announcement made on Feb. 11, the initiative, the brainchild of both companies, has been launched to mark International Day of Women and Girls in … Read more

Microsoft & Enjin Team Up to Launch Special Edition Minecraft NFTs

Microsoft and Enjin have launched a special Edition NFT collection to celebrate the 6th International Day of Women and Girls in Science in the Azure Space Mystery educational game. An extension of Azure Heroes, a program aimed to recognize and reward contributors to the Azure platform, the NFTs will be usable by Minecraft players to … Read more

Microsoft and Enjin Bring Cross-Platform Custom NFTs to Minecraft

Microsoft has launched a browser game that rewards players with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for use inside Minecraft, one of the world’s most popular games. According to a press release shared to CoinDesk on Thursday, Azure Space Mystery is a text-based interactive and educational puzzle game set aboard the International Space Station. There, players encounter prominent … Read more

Microsoft using blockchain to handle all Xbox royalties and payments

Although Microsoft first announced it was planning to use blockchain to handle Xbox royalty information back in 2018, the infrastructure is only now fully deploying.  In conjunction with EY (Ernst & Young), Microsoft will has expanded the system to handle the complete process from “contract creation to payment and reconciliation”. As well as game developers … Read more