Robbie Ferguson on how Immutable X is scaling blockchain gaming

Starting out as Fuel Games – rebranded as Immutable in 2019 – Robbie Ferguson (together with older brother James) has been at the forefront of blockchain gaming.  Immutable’s first release Gods Unchained sold out of its Genesis set of cards in October 2019, raising $6 million in the process.  And since that time, the company … Read more

Blankos Block Party NFT marketplace goes live in May

Anticipated blockchain game Blankos Block Party has announced its in-game marketplace is going live in May. For the first time, this will allow owners of the Blankos NFTs to start trading their collections. The PC game has been in open beta since November 2020 and has been regularly releasing limited edition Blankos characters, which have … Read more

Options in the Metaverse: Enjin, The Sandbox, and Other Marketplaces

In 2003, Second Life caused a stir that caught the attention of many users globally. At that time, a game that allowed you to have a second life was something totally innovative, but it still did not have the blockchain technology that changed the way you interact. Now, the metaverses are more evolved, these virtual … Read more

Meet the New Enjin Marketplace

On November 27,  2006, Anshe Chung became the first online personality to achieve a net worth exceeding 1 million USD from profits entirely earned from trading virtual assets. The global virtual economy has come a long way since then—worth over $109 billion today, and projected to hit almost $129 billion by 2021. This unprecedented growth … Read more

Why We're Making the Enjin Platform Free

The Enjin Platform is hands-down the easiest way to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain items—and integrate them into any software. Since its launch, it has attracted over 1,500 projects that have minted over 3.6 billion assets for games, apps, websites, rewards programs, marketing campaigns, event souvenirs, access codes, and more. Over the … Read more