Blankos Gets $75 Million Additional Funding

Mythical Games, the studio behind the upcoming blockchain-powered game Blankos Block Party, has received another $75 million in funding. This brings the total of their funding to $120 million. If that entire budget would be put in the development of one game, we’d be talking about AAA budgets. However, the funding isn’t for Blankos Block … Read more

Animoca Brands Now Valued at $1 Billion

Animoca Brands, the company behind blockchain-powered games like The Sandbox and F1 Delta Time, is now valued $1 billion, after raising $88,888,888 in funding. They received funding from venture capital groups and investors, including crypto exchange Huobi and NFT fund Metapurse. The company is planning to use the funding for further aggressive expansion in the … Read more

Refinable Announces Backing from Top Investment Firms

Refinable is proud to announce we have secured investments from AU21 Capital, Coin United, Double Peak, and x21, some of the top global blockchain-based investment firms. Together, these firms boast a strong track record of establishing and growing global projects and will provide Refinable with access to an invaluable network of resources and in-depth advisory … Read more

Epic Games Pumping $1 Billion into Metaverse

Last week Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite and the Epic Games Store, has completed a $1 billion funding round to develop its vision for the metaverse. The investment includes money from Sony Group Corporation and other investment groups. Epic will it to develop the metaverse in the long term, while adding more social events … Read more

When will blockchain gaming be worth investing in?

This is a guest column from early stage games investor LVP. It is currently invested in companies such as Unity, Coda Games, Double Loop Games, and Bossa Studios, and recently closed a $80 million fund for new investments.  It has also invested and exited from companies such as Supercell, NaturalMotion and Playfish.  From 1962’s Spacewar! onwards, any advance in the IT industry has been … Read more