ENS is Hiring! Come Build a New Decentralized Internet with Us

Brantly Millegan May 5 · 5 min read The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a new naming protocol for the whole Internet. If we’re successful, the whole world will eventually be using it. We’ve made a lot of progress thus far, but there’s still a lot of work to do. And we need more help! … Read more

Celebrating ENS’s 4th Anniversary with an Original Pplpleasr NFT Giveaway

makoto_inoue May 4 · 4 min read ENS launched four years ago today! To celebrate, we’ve commissioned a new NFT artwork piece by pplpleasr and will be giving it away to ENS name holders who meet certain criteria (explained below). Read on to learn how you could win! Four years of growth Since ENS launched … Read more

Do You Have an OG ENS Name? Here’s a New Tool to Check

makoto_inoue Apr 30 · 3 min read A couple of weeks ago, there was the discussion in the Twittersphere of “Which NFT is the oldest?”. Even though it is debatable whether to include pre-Ethereum collectables such as colored coins and RarePepes, CryptoPunks is the most well known “one of the first” NFTs on Ethereum. However, … Read more

ENS Integration Best Practices

makoto_inoue Apr 27 · 5 min read Now that we have over 200 services integrated with ENS, here’s a showcase of some dapps that use ENS well. Here are three ways to integrate with ENS we highlight in our docs, and this post will follow the same format. 1. Resolving ENS names The first step … Read more