Everybody Can Now Be a Fashion Designer in Decentraland

Decentraland has released the Wearables Editor, giving everybody the opportunity to design digital fashion for avatars in the blockchain-powered virtual world. The minting process happens on the Polygon sidechain, making sure that minting fees remain low. However, it’s not like anybody can just make some shirts and publish them. The Decentraland DAO has formed a … Read more

Pac-Man Wearables Coming to Genies

Because Pac-Man is now 41 years old, Genies and Bandai Namco have announced a partnership to bring Pac-Man inspired wearables to the avatar platform. Several digital artists have created colorful Pac-Man helmets, while an unique artwork unlocks special Pac-Man-inspired arcade boots. The items will be auctioned through OpenSea starting from Thursday 7 PM PST or … Read more

The Sandbox Organizes Fashion Contest

The Sandbox has announced a content in which designers need to create fashion items to win SAND prizes. Three winners will receive 1,000 SAND tokens and an in-game contest winner asset. The contest starts today, and ends on June 2nd. Designers will need to use the VoxEdit Avatar Template in order to design their fashion … Read more

Crucible Working on Tools for Digital Identities in Metaverse

In the past months Crucible Network has become one of the most vocal companies when it comes to digital identities in the metaverse. That’s not without reason, because they are working on the tools that need to connect gaming giants like Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts with virtual worlds, anonymous digital identities and crypto … Read more

User-Created Wearables in Cryptovoxels Next Week

It looks like Cryptovoxels will finally allow users to create and mint their own digital fashion or wearables starting from next week. The developers removed the option amidst rising gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain, and they now migrated their minting systems to the Polygon sidechain. On their Twitter account Cryptovoxels mayor Ben Nolan wrote … Read more

Genies NFT Marketplace Launching This Summer

Dapper Labs will launch its second major product on the Flow blockchain this summer, and that will be the Genies NFT Marketplace. This NFT Marketplace is meant for digital wearables that are either distributed by Genies themselves, or in partnership with celebrities and content creators. Genies is a project that’s all about personal avatars in … Read more

Digitalax – the digital fashion marketplace

Digitalax is an innovative new platform that aims to capitalize on the emerging digital fashion marketplace. Thanks to recent advances in blockchain, VR, gaming, and 3D technologies, the digital media scene is booming right now. Furthermore, the combination of digital media and NFTs is having a profound impact on the digital world. NFTs are perfect … Read more

Digital Fashion World Already Filled With Drama

Digital fashion drama as Digitalax is accusing RTFKT Studios of rug pulling on collectors who’ve bought a fashion NFT together with some extras. In an elaborate blog post Digitalax accused RTFKT of creating hype, getting clout and failing to deliver off-chain goods. Four jackets were sold through the Digitalax markeplace in February, and never delivered … Read more


ANNOUNCING FFROP #3. It’s a lucky few that get to explore a new world, and even less that also get to influence how that world looks, feels and behaves. The digital-only fashion universe is an uncharted space for self-expression where pre-existing rules don’t apply. As pioneering ‘fashionauts’ The Fabricant has a responsibility to help shape … Read more