Crucible Working on Tools for Digital Identities in Metaverse

In the past months Crucible Network has become one of the most vocal companies when it comes to digital identities in the metaverse. That’s not without reason, because they are working on the tools that need to connect gaming giants like Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts with virtual worlds, anonymous digital identities and crypto … Read more

Details on the Upcoming Polyient Games DAO Treasury

Craig Russo Nov 24 · 5 min read In early October, holders of the Polyient Games Founder’s Key (PGFK) received a 1:1 reward of Polyient Games Governance Token (PGT). PGT is the main voting currency for the Ethereum-based Polyient Games DAO (PG DAO), a decentralized organization that is tasked with decision making related to the … Read more

DeFi Protocol MANTRA DAO Partners MATIC Network, an Ethereum Layer-2 Blockchain Scalability Solution Provider

MANTRA DAO (distributed autonomous organization), a community-governed decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that aims to make staking, lending, and governance more accessible to traders and investors, has partnered with MATIC Network, a blockchain scalability platform which offers the ability to conduct secure and instant transactions. The MANTRA DAO team believes that the Matic Network (MATIC) is … Read more

How Censorship-Resistant Digital Goods, DAOs and DEFI apps are driving a new “Digitalization Era”

@alet89Alessandro Mario Lagana Toschi Core Researcher at DFOhub Enterprises and Startups are crazy about the idea to use the Blockchain to track products, building trust and develop new services. In fact, Blockchain Technology is designed to work as a Triple-Entry Accounting to solve Cross-Boarder Trust with math. Please not another story on how Bitcoin changed … Read more