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ENS Online Workshop — October 2021

Since we had the last workshop back in April, ENS has experienced tremendous growth. Compared to this time last year, we now have 10x the number of daily .eth name registrations. ENS names are...

Here’s Why NFTs Stand To Revolutionize the Global Esports Arena – Sebastian Quinn

About The Author Sebastian Quinn, co-founder of Yieldly, and a veteran in developing blockchain and emerging technologies. Over the last year and a half, the non-fungible token (NFT) market has grown exponentially, with total volume traded...

Hoard Exchange to Offer Competitive Fees, Seamless UX for Transacting with NFTs

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have become quite popular this year.  Professional athletes like NBA superstar Lebron James and former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson have expressed an interest in this nascent space by either minting...

Meet Ojamu, a blockchain-powered marketing platform that combines AI and NFTs

Blockchain is hailed as one of the most disruptive technologies to surface in recent decades and it is poised to revolutionize countless industries. One of the most significant value propositions of blockchain technology is...

Justin Sun Explains Spending $500k on EtherRock NFT: It’s Just Like Picasso in 1932

Last month, Justin Sun, the founder of the popular blockchain TRON, purchased one Ether Rock for $500,000 and he believes that the art is like Picasso in 1932. Ether Rocks is one of the oldest...

NFT Transactions Must be Seamless, P2P NFT Loan Solutions Aren’t Working Too Well

The current limitations of the peer-to-peer NFT lending and borrowing platforms are quite obvious. They’re usually very slow and P2P services just don’t have enough liquidity. Their underlying infrastructure is also not always interoperable...

Opening the Floodgates: Enabling Technology Asset Liquidity With F-NFTs

The world is sitting on assets worth trillions of dollars. Well, we can’t actually sit on them since they aren’t...

Axie Infinity Makes Statement After Government Report

Sky Mavis has made a statement in regards to reports of the government of the Philippines investigating play-to-earn gaming and Axie Infinity in particular. The Vietnamese gaming company asks its players to abide to...

The OUSD DApp Now Guarantees You Get the Best Rate Possible

Thousands of people have used the OUSD DApp to upgrade their stablecoins into Origin Dollars (OUSD). Our users love how OUSD earns the highest yields available across DeFi while sitting in their wallets. No...
David Bianchi No.7

David Bianchi talks NFTs, poetry, acting and art

Any of you who are return visitors will know that we have been covering the release of David Bianchi's NFT poem series. Well, he has just released his seventh. The collection consists of 8...

Introducing the OpenSea mobile app

Discover NFTs by category, track the latest drops, and follow the collections you love with the new OpenSea mobile app. Visit the App Store...

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