Zero-Knowledge Proofs Power ShardLab’s NFT Voucher App

ShardLab, the blockchain arm of global Web3 venture capital firm Hashed, has introduced a new web application to simplify decentralized identity (DiD) and NFT voucher distribution. By using technologies like account abstraction (AA) and zero-knowledge proofs (ZK), the app aims to enhance security and usability for everyday transactions.

Successful Demonstration at SEABW 2024

The app’s launch follows a successful Southeast Asia Blockchain Week (SEABW) 2024 demonstration. During the event, attendees at ICONSIAM, a large shopping mall in Bangkok, experienced the practicality of blockchain technology firsthand. Over 60 restaurants and shops integrated the NFT vouchers with their point-of-sale (POS) systems, enabling efficient transactions.

ShardLab’s new app allows users to receive and redeem vouchers in the form of NFTs via QR codes. Zero-knowledge proofs ensure that users can verify their identities without sharing private information, aiming to enhance privacy. The app’s integration of account abstraction seeks to simplify the user experience, making blockchain interactions as easy as traditional digital wallets.

“This implementation demonstrated the practicality and efficiency of blockchain technology in a real-world retail environment,” ShardLab noted. Attendees could redeem their vouchers by scanning a QR code, automatically deducting the voucher amount from their bills, avoiding the usual complexities associated with smart contracts.

Enhancing User Experience and Security

The app’s account abstraction feature is key to its user-friendliness. Furthermore, it aims to simplify the crypto wallet experience, allowing users to interact with blockchain applications as easily as traditional digital wallets. As such, this makes the technology accessible to a wider audience, encouraging broader adoption of blockchain.

“The launch of this application marks a significant milestone in our journey towards mainstream blockchain adoption,” said Hojin Kim, CEO of ShardLab. “By integrating technologies like zero-knowledge proofs and account abstraction, we are paving the way for a future where blockchain is not only secure but also straightforward and convenient for everyday users.”


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