From Past to Future: RETROBLOCK Merges Gaming Nostalgia with Web3 in a Dystopian Future

Step into the world of RETROBLOCK, an ambitious GameFi platform seeking to revolutionize the retro gaming scene. This platform is all about competition, interaction, and rewards, giving players a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. What’s more, RETROBLOCK is launching the Synth City Genesis NFT Collection, featuring 1001 unique items that bring various archetypes to life in this dystopian retro universe.

We take a closer look at RETROBLOCK’s features, like its Web3 tech, immersive 3D environments, and NFT marketplace. Plus, we’ll cover what’s next for the platform, including the launch of the $RBT token and the dark world of Synth City.


RETROBLOCK brings a fresh spin to classic single-player games, like Space Invaders and Pac-Man, by adding a tournament twist for a nostalgic and shared gaming experience. An NFT marketplace and metaverse are in the works to further enhance the experience, enabling users to engage in missions, socialize, and acquire power-up NFTs with in-game features.

Currently in the beta testing stage and deployed on the Base mainnet, RETROBLOCK provides complete transparency and autonomous management. By integrating blockchain, the platform ensures secure transactions and smart contract capabilities for managing tournaments and distributing prizes.

Moreover, the platform offers single-player adaptations with tournaments and real-time PVP multiplayer games, allowing players to create personalized competitions with instant rewards, triggered autonomously.

3D Environments and NFT Marketplace

Developed with the Godot Engine, RETROBLOCK’s 3D Metaverse environment, set for Beta launch in 2025, will create an immersive virtual world for players. The expanding virtual lobby and NFT marketplace enrich this setting, where users can access games and tournaments, check rankings, acquire arcade tokens, set preferences, and launch games – all within the dystopian world of Synth City.

The NFT marketplace, set to launch at the end of 2024, will enable users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, including powering up NFTs with in-game features.

Introducing Synth City NFTs

Central to RETROBLOCK is Synth City, the sprawling metropolis and capital of a dystopian world, and a city of towering skyscrapers and neon-lit streets. Beneath the surface of technological advancement is a seedy underbelly of corruption and gang rule. In this chaos, RETROBLOCK is a cyberspace haven, offering protection and community through retro gaming. Here, you will be able to explore Synth City in a metaverse, complete missions, socialize, and collect resources.

In this dark world, you can control your own city, populated by archetypes like Corporate Executives, Street Samurai, Hackers and Fixers. Each character has their own skills and progression paths to customize. 

As cities grow, so do their tools and citizens, and you can form or join alliances, crucial in shaping the world’s power dynamics and narratives as they fight for control of Synth City, with shifting allegiances and wars. 

The Synth City Genesis NFT Collection features 1001 unique items, priced at 0.0015 ETH ($4.95), representing its diverse archetypes. Each archetype offers unique abilities and progression paths, enhancing the gaming experience.

When developing their cities, players can use NFTs to define and enhance their character skills and growth. In the RETROBLOCK metaverse, NFTs also determine the player’s role, appearance, and capabilities during specific explorations in Synth City.

Tournaments, Tokens, and Space Invaders!

RETROBLOCK offers Weekly Gaming Tournaments in three categories: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Players compete for the highest score, with rewards given to top performers. PVP tournaments allow players to create or join rooms for head-to-head matches, with immediate reward distribution. Iconic games like Space Invaders have been remade for Weekly Gaming Tournaments, adding a competitive twist to a true classic.

Arcade Tokens and RBX

Arcade tokens are used to participate in tournaments, with part of each token contributing to the reward pool. RETROBLOCK eXperience (RBX) tokens reward players’ participation and achievements, which can be used to buy specific NFTs and enhance in-game tools, buildings, and characters.

The Future of RETROBLOCK

Looking towards the future, RETROBLOCK plans to release its ERC-20 token, $RBT, to facilitate transactions and enable decentralized governance. The tokenomics are designed to ensure scarcity and value appreciation over time, with community-driven decisions on new games, collections, and archetypes.

Current developments include creating leaderboards for PVP games, improving room management, and implementing rollback on match withdrawals. Additionally, partnerships are being formed to bring classic and new games to the platform, and efforts are underway to support mobile devices. 

More plans include supporting tournament organizers, content creators, and governance by creating a community-driven space, where users can propose and vote on Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and shape the platform’s future.

To learn more about RETROBLOCK, a place “Where the classics never die”, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, subscribe to their YouTube channel, or join their community on Discord.


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