OtherWorld Launches Solo Leveling: Unlimited NFT Platform

The collectibles space is getting a new player with the launch of “Solo Leveling: Unlimited”, an NFT platform based on the South Korean web novel and webtoon, Solo Leveling. Developed by Singapore-based Web3 company OtherWorld, the platform will combine entertainment and blockchain on the Avalanche blockchain.

Custom Layer-1 Network for Better User Experience

“Solo Leveling: Unlimited” uses a custom Layer-1 network on Avalanche, which means gasless transactions. This is to make NFTs more accessible by removing the costs of blockchain transactions. OtherWorld is targeting the global fanbase of Solo Leveling, a series with over 14 billion views worldwide across web novels, webtoons, anime, and mobile games.

Gameplay and Rewards

Users can interact with the Solo Leveling universe. Players can play the storyline by battling monsters and collecting cards representing the story’s progression.

Users who get high-level monster cards can earn rewards such as profile picture NFTs of Solo Leveling’s main character, Sung Jin-Woo. The platform will also have seasonal updates and community challenges with limited-edition rewards for the top performers.

“It’s genuinely exciting to see a popular series like Solo Leveling expand and provide an immersive gamified experience for its worldwide fans leveraging blockchain,” said Justin Kim, Head of Korea at Ava Labs. “It’s definitely an encouraging sign of what’s possible and what’s to come when mainstream cultural icons, fandom and cutting-edge technology converge.”

Expanding Cultural Presence in Web3

Beyond the entertainment aspect, “Solo Leveling: Unlimited” is designed as a foundation for future Web3 projects. OtherWorld holds exclusive Web3 rights to 26 popular webtoon IPs. It plans to incorporate K-pop elements through a partnership with Cube Entertainment. This approach aims to expand the cultural presence of Web3 technologies.

Mike Lee, CEO of OtherWorld, discussed the broader vision for Web3 services, highlighting the need for improvements in blockchain wallet-based login methods, transaction fees, and cryptocurrency for payments. Lee stated, “The service launched by OtherWorld will provide solutions that help to solve these problems.”

“Solo Leveling: Unlimited” is currently available in closed beta on the Avalanche blockchain. Interested users can gain early access by visiting the OtherWorld community on Discord. This launch represents a step in blending digital collectibles with interactive storytelling, offering new experiences for fans and the broader Web3 community.


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