Catizen: Your Ultimate Guide to the Cat-Raising Crypto Game on TON

Catizen is a unique and engaging platform built on The Open Network (TON) and seamlessly integrated with Telegram. It combines strategic city-building with cryptocurrency rewards. This guide provides an in-depth look at what makes Catizen stand out in the play-to-earn gaming sector.

What is Catizen?

Catizen is a Telegram-based play-to-earn game where players take on the role of a mayor managing a virtual cat city. With its combination of city-building and crypto-economics, Catizen provides an opportunity for players to earn actual cryptocurrency while engaging in strategic gameplay. Since its introduction in January 2024, Catizen has already amassed over 15 million users and generated revenue exceeding $10 million.

Core Features of Catizen

Play-to-Earn Model

Catizen’s core appeal lies in its play-to-earn feature, which allows players to earn $CATI tokens through city development, daily tasks, and missions. These virtual coins can later be exchanged for real crypto tokens, giving players a tangible incentive for their gameplay.

Token Staking and Rewards

In addition to earning tokens through gameplay, Catizen offers the option for players to stake their $CATI tokens for extra rewards. This approach not only enhances the overall gaming experience, but also provides potential for passive income, appealing to both gamers and crypto investors.

AI and Metaverse Integration

Catizen leverages cutting-edge technologies such as AI and the Metaverse to create immersive gameplay experiences. Players interact with AI-driven virtual companions and explore new dimensions within the Metaverse, adding layers of depth and engagement to the game.

How to Get Started with Catizen

1. Create a Telegram Account

Download the Telegram app from the App Store or Google Play Store and set up your account if you don’t already have one.

2. Access the Catizen Bot

Search for “Catizen” in Telegram and click the “Start” button to begin.

3. Complete Registration

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process and set up your profile.

Gameplay Mechanics

Developing Your City

As the mayor, it is your duty to oversee the development of your city. This includes building construction, infrastructure upgrades, and managing the needs of your feline citizens. Maintaining a balance between resources and investments is crucial for maximizing city growth and economic prosperity.

Crossbreeding and Managing Cats

Use Catizen coins to crossbreed cats, creating rarer and more valuable breeds. Assign your cats to various tasks to optimize productivity and accelerate growth.

Participating in Daily Tasks and Quests

Engage in Daily Tasks and Quests by logging in regularly to earn bonuses such as Fish tokens and vKitty. Consistent involvement in missions boosts your advancement and adds to your in-game funds.

Engaging in Multiplayer Mode

Collaborate with or compete against other players globally in multiplayer mode. This social and competitive aspect adds another layer of excitement to the game.

Promotions and Airdrops

Play-to-Airdrop Model

Catizen’s unique play-to-airdrop approach incentivizes active participation by distributing $CATI tokens to users. By translating in-game accomplishments into tangible worth, this method promotes sustained involvement.

Future Airdrop Expectations

Keep an eye out for updates on upcoming airdrops. Taking part in these opportunities can greatly boost your in-game income and offer valuable prizes.

Strategic Partnerships and Roadmap

Catizen has forged strategic alliances to improve the functionality of its $CATI token. In particular, its collaboration with Notcoin enables the use of $NOT for payments, aiding in token deflation and boosting the worth of $CATI. Additionally, Catizen intends to be listed on prominent exchanges by Q2 2024, which will enhance the token’s fluidity and availability.

Success Metrics and Recognition

Since its inception, Catizen has maintained impressive growth metrics:

  • Over $10 million in in-game revenue
  • 15 million users and 3.5 million daily active users
  • A stable on-chain user conversion rate of 10%
  • More than 50% of active users are paying customers

Catizen’s success is further highlighted by its top rank in The Open League Application Rankings, demonstrating its popularity and effectiveness within the TON ecosystem.


Catizen stands out among other crypto gaming platforms for its distinctive play-to-earn feature, strategic partnerships, and use of Telegrams Ton Network. Whether you’re a seasoned player, cryptocurrency enthusiast, or casual gamer, Catizen provides a one-of-a-kind and gratifying experience. Immerse yourself in this lively virtual city of cats and you could even earn tangible rewards while enjoying yourself.


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