New Features Unveiled for MetalCore’s Closed Beta 3

After previous successful beta phases, MetalCore is preparing for its biggest update yet, Closed Beta 3. While the release date is still unknown, excitement is growing within the gaming community. The free-to-play mechanized combat game set on a futuristic and desolate planet continues progressing, offering a range of fresh features and improvements.

Innovative Gameplay and Social Interaction

The latest update for the game brings innovative additions to gameplay and social interaction. These new features include exciting modes like Domination, Capture the Flag, and High-Value Target, which promise fast-paced, action-packed combat.

In addition, the upcoming update will feature faction-specific PvE missions that invite players to fully submerge themselves in the turmoil of the game’s world. Various designated areas within the game will serve as meeting places for individuals from different factions to come together, interact, and participate in social events.

One crucial aspect of Closed Beta 3 is customization. Players can personalize their load-outs for each vehicle, allowing for more fine-tuning and tailoring to fit their desired playstyle.

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Strategic Zone and Enhanced Rewards

The upcoming update will bring exciting changes, including adding Starslope Station, a newly transformed area with a strategic Control Tower. This once peaceful section of town has become a fiercely contested battleground in the ongoing war for Kerberos. Players can expect intense and dynamic battles in this crucial location.

Additionally, MetalCore plans to introduce a refreshed leaderboard system to distribute rewards based on player rank and performance. This means those who achieve higher rankings will receive a greater portion of the reward pool, promoting a competitive environment and recognizing persistent effort and expertise.

Improved Stability and Immersive Sound Effects

The developers have worked to deliver a gaming experience focusing on stability and performance enhancements. Through enhanced optimizations and troubleshooting, crashes and freezes are minimized, resulting in consistent frame rates allowing smooth and uninterrupted gameplay for all players. Furthermore, enhanced sound effects will give the realm of MetalCore a heightened sense of immersion.

While the release date is still unknown, Metalcore boasts an impressive multiplayer feature, allowing players to participate in intense 50v50 battles against other players and computer-controlled enemies. With a vast selection of over 150 vehicles, such as mechs, tanks, infantry units, and aircraft, players will have various tools to engage in combined arms warfare.


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