Parallel NFT Card Game Launches on Epic Games Store with $500K Tournament

Parallel, a new NFT-based card game powered by Ethereum, had a successful launch on Wednesday as it entered the Epic Games Store. This move strategically places Parallel in front of the platform’s vast audience of over 270 million users, including 75 million monthly active users.

As Parallel joins the ranks of top PC games on the Epic Games marketplace, its reach is expected to expand significantly within the digital card game industry, providing players with increased accessibility and exposure.

Parallel, created by the renowned Parallel Studios team with a team composed of industry veterans from the likes of Blizzard, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Riot Games, and Xbox Game Studios, is a futuristic sci-fi game. It takes place on Earth 10,000 years ahead in time, where five factions are vying for ultimate control.

This highly anticipated game has been named GG’s top selection for the 2023 game of the year and introduces a combination of NFT and non-NFT cards that blend traditional gaming with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Features and Gameplay Mechanics

Parallel offers an immersive experience where players collect cards, construct decks, and engage in strategic battles. Each faction boasts 15 influential leaders called Paragons, each equipped with unique active and passive abilities that can greatly impact the outcome of the game.

Deciding which cards to bank and which to play during each turn requires a strategic approach, as players must carefully balance energy management and tactical decision-making in order to develop strong strategies.

The game offers various modes to cater to a diverse range of players. These include unranked, AI, rookie, Ranked Ladder, and Tournament Modes. For those new to the game, there is the opportunity to play at a relaxed pace. Meanwhile, competitive players can compete for exclusive rewards and prizes through ranked matches and tournaments.

Additionally, Parallel also offers free-to-play players the chance to participate in weekly and monthly giveaways, which not only increases accessibility but also keeps players engaged.

Competitive Scene and Future Developments

As it continues to achieve remarkable success, including multiple game of the year awards and a growing player community, Parallel is now taking its next steps with the launch on the Epic Games Store.

Exciting developments on the horizon include the introduction of the Parallel League, featuring a $500,000 prize pool for its inaugural year. Next year, Parallel Studios intends to increase the prize pool to millions of dollars in order to attract elite players and fans of esports.

In addition to this, there are more expansions in the works at the studio. This includes the highly-anticipated Planetfall expansion set, which will bring over 100 fresh cards into play.

Moreover, Parallel Studios is actively working on Colony, a cutting-edge AI-driven simulation game utilizing Solana technology, demonstrating their dedication to pushing boundaries and flourishing within the gaming community.

The debut of Parallel on the Epic Games Store is a significant milestone, expanding its reach to players worldwide and laying the foundation for its ongoing growth and triumph in the competitive world of card games.


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