Paradise Tycoon Beta 2 Launch: New Features and Play-to-Airdrop Season Unveiled

Paradise Tycoon, a multiplayer RPG game developed by Empires Not Vampires Ltd, has released its highly anticipated Beta 2 version on May 15th. With this update, players can expect an even more immersive and rewarding experience as they build and manage their own virtual paradise island. Let’s take a closer look at the new features and improvements in Beta 2.

New Features

One of the key additions to Beta 2 is the integration of Immutable Passport. This one-click wallet and account system simplifies access to in-game assets and progress management. It also enhances security to protect player data and assets.

In addition to the Immutable Passport Integration, Beta 2 also brings a wealth of new content and enhancements to Paradise Tycoon. Players can now enjoy free camera rotation, allowing for a more dynamic view of their paradise island. The game has also introduced new resources, buildings, and creative building materials, giving players even more options to design and customize their island.

Play-to-Airdrop Season

Along with the Beta 2 release comes the highly anticipated Play-to-Airdrop season. This exciting new feature allows players to earn rewards simply by playing the game. As players explore and manage their paradise island, they will be completing daily challenges that earn them $MOANI tokens. These tokens are the native currency of Paradise Tycoon and can be used to purchase in-game items or traded on exchanges.

There are two tiers for rewards in the Play-to-Airdrop season: GOLD and Free. The GOLD tier is available to players who own a Paradise Pass NFT, which operates similar to a Battle Pass. This tier offers 120,000,000 $MOANI rewards and passive rewards. The Free tier, on the other hand, offers 60,000,000 $MOANI rewards to players who earn 200 badges throughout the season.

How to Join

The best part about Beta 2 and the Play-to-Airdrop season is that anyone can join in on the fun. Paradise Tycoon is available on both Android devices and browsers (PC/Mac) and is completely free to play. So gather your friends and start building your paradise island today!

But don’t wait too long, as the Play-to-Airdrop season is divided into 14 seasons, with each lasting 20-30 days. This means that there are limited opportunities to earn rewards in each season, so make sure to stay on top of the daily challenges and level up your Paradise Pass NFT for even more rewards.

Final Thoughts

Paradise Tycoon’s Beta 2 release has brought an array of new features, improvements, and rewards to the game. With its immersive tropical metaverse and Play-to-Airdrop season, players can truly explore, build, and thrive in their own virtual paradise. So don’t miss out on this multiplayer RPG experience!


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