DECIMATED: Merging Blockchain and Gaming in a Dystopian Future

With the rapid evolution of technology and the growing popularity of Web3 gaming, the industry constantly strives for innovation. Among the latest contenders is DECIMATED, a project set in a dystopian future that offers players a unique blend of survival gameplay and economic strategy.

DECIMATED immerses players in a post-apocalyptic world filled with challenges and dangers. The game offers PvP and PvE experiences, allowing players to choose their path as either human citizens fighting for survival or cyborg cops maintaining order. With a vast, crafted environment filled with mutated creatures and environmental hazards, players must use their survival skills to navigate this chaotic blend of nature and technology.

Building on Community Support

While the concept of DECIMATED has captured the attention of gamers, it has also attracted significant investment and support. With an Epic Mega Grant and backing from 46 investors, developers Fracture Labs have taken their indie startup to new heights. This has helped grow a vibrant community of over 60k Twitter followers and 23k Discord members, many of whom actively participate in closed alpha testing.

Introducing the DIO Token

One of the most innovative aspects of DECIMATED is using blockchain technology and introducing the DIO token. This economic element incentivizes player decisions and actions within the game, integrating real-world economic principles.

Players can earn rewards in both the game and potentially in real life through salvaging materials, engaging in commerce, and completing missions. With a leaderboard that rewards top performers, DECIMATED offers a unique opportunity for players to enjoy immersive gameplay and potentially earn in the world of digital economies.

As anticipation builds, DECIMATED is set to make its mark on the gaming industry with an official sponsorship at Token2049 in Dubai and plans to launch on the Epic Games Store in May 2024. With an open alpha expected by the end of 2024, players and enthusiasts can look forward to a game that offers more than just entertainment but a potential economic opportunity in blockchain gaming. Keep an eye out for DECIMATED as it continues to make waves in the world of gaming on the blockchain.  


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