UXLINK Rolls Out NFT Airdrop for Top Users

Web3 social platform UXLINK has recently made waves with its airdrop, dubbed the “Social Monster”. The platform has unveiled its “IN UXLINK WE TRUST” series of NFTs. It aims to reward users for their community involvement and on-chain activities with various rights and airdropped $UXLINK tokens.

Holder Benefits: What NFT Holders Can Expect

The platform categorizes NFTs into four tiers: “MOON,” “TRUST,” “FRENS,” and “LINK.” Each tier offers specific rights and benefits, including a specific number of $UXLINK tokens that users will receive. How many tokens a user gets depends on their community involvement, on-chain interactions, and the assets they hold.

Holders of these NFTs can expect a package of benefits that promote active participation and loyalty. This includes guaranteed 100% access to the first season of $UXLINK token airdrops and priority for subsequent releases. Additionally, NFT holders will have exclusive access to joint airdrops with UXLINK eco-projects and AIRDROP2049 and enhanced voting rights in community governance decisions.

With over 5 million registered users, UXLINK boasts a robust platform with significant daily engagement. The platform sees 800,000 daily Dapp users and 180,000 on-chain interactions. This massive user base is expected to drive the issuance of these NFTs, targeting approximately 10% of their most active users – translating to over 500k individuals.

UXLINK’s vision goes beyond just facilitating the discovery and distribution of crypto assets. As the largest Web3 social platform, it also aims to foster real-time, two-way social interactions essential for community building in the digital age. Through more than 90,000 web3-enabled groups, UXLINK organizes its traffic and interactions, highlighting its user-driven approach.

The platform’s mission is multifaceted, focusing on bridging the worlds of Web3 and Web2. Ultimately, UXLINK aims to connect 100 million users worldwide through its inclusive environment that rewards user engagement and participation. By integrating user-friendly Dapps into systems like Telegram, UXLINK enhances its accessibility and functionality.


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