Fantasy Top: A Crypto-Based Card Game Transforming Social Media Engagement

Fantasy Top is a crypto-based fantasy football-style game that operates on the Blast network. The game revolves around popular crypto influencers and their real-world social media engagement. Players create lineups of influencer NFT trading cards to compete against each other. With multiple rarity levels for cards, players can trade lower-level ones for higher-level ones to gain a points advantage. This innovative game has gained popularity among crypto enthusiasts, with many influencers promoting their own in-game cards.

The Concept of Fantasy Top

Fantasy Top is not an ordinary card trading game. It offers players a unique gaming experience Ethereum based influencer trading cards. These cards have real-world social media engagement data attached to them, which makes them valuable within the game.

Each influencer has a specific rarity level for their cards, with higher levels representing more influential individuals. Players can acquire these cards through purchasing card packs or trading for them.

The Scoring System and Potential Concerns

The scoring system for Fantasy Top is based on real-world social media engagement. This means that the more engagement an influencer receives on their posts, the more points their card will earn in the game. This innovative concept has led to some concerns about potential manipulation.

Content creator Jenn Duong highlighted concerns about “botting” of her content, where artificial means are used to inflate engagement numbers. This could potentially give an unfair advantage to players who possess these cards, as well as raise questions about the authenticity of social media engagement.

The Main Competition and Prizes

Fantasy Top recently announced its first “Main Competition” with over $150,000 in Ethereum and 222,222 Blast Gold as prizes. In addition to these valuable cryptocurrencies, players can also win card packs and other in-game rewards. The estimated value of the Blast Gold component alone is over $2 million.

The game has already generated millions in trading volume, contributing to more than 50% of the total trading volume on Ethereum’s mainnet. This shows the immense popularity and potential of Fantasy Top among the crypto community.

Final Thoughts

Fantasy Top has transformed the world of card trading games by incorporating real-world social media engagement into its gameplay. With its unique concept and attractive prizes, it has captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts and influencers alike. However, concerns about manipulation and authenticity of engagement must be addressed to ensure a fair gaming experience for all players. As Fantasy Top continues to grow and evolve, it is certainly a game worth keeping an eye on in the world of crypto trading cards.


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