Galactic Group Launches Play-to-Own Gaming Division

Galactic Entertainment Publishing, led by industry veterans including Mark Meyers, former Head of Disney’s AAA Studios, has recently announced the formation of their new division dedicated to transforming the gaming landscape. Their first franchise under this new model is Planet Quest. The game challenges the traditional free-to-play system and offers players the opportunity to truly own their in-game assets.

Shifting Away from Traditional Free-to-Play

The prevailing free-to-play model has been under increasing scrutiny due to its high costs for publishers and developers and the pressure it puts on players to make ongoing in-game purchases.

Galactic Co-Founder Mark Meyers, acknowledges these issues, stating, “Involving the community early on and rewarding them for their participation with in-game goods that they actually own benefits publishers, developers and players, by reducing publisher ad spend, providing the feedback developers need and getting the players better games.”

Introducing Play-to-Own Innovations

Galactic’s play-to-own model is powered by blockchain technology, allowing players to truly own and trade their digital assets within the game. This not only provides a sense of ownership for early adopters but also protects them from the risks of the black market and account bans.

CEO and founder Loren Roosendaal emphasizes the importance of this shift, stating in the announcement, “It deserves to be said that we believe the current free-to-play model is broken. It’s crazy to think that players are spending over $100 billion dollars and 100’s of hours of their spare time each year, gathering in-game items they don’t actually own.”

Looking Towards the Future

Planet Quest marks the beginning of the new era in gaming they want to create, where community participation and ownership are at the forefront of Web3 gaming. With over 250,000 fans involved in co-creating the game’s storyline and lore, Galactic is paving the way for more interactive and immersive gaming experiences.

PlanetQuest also aims to build a cinematic multiverse from scratch, featuring a diverse array of products, including a video game, a decentralized storyline, a book, and a graphic novel.

In the announcement, Chief Creative Officer Jon McCoy, adds, “Naturally no first attempt at something new is perfect, but it’s been amazing getting to create a sci-fi universe with the fans in a way that’s never been attempted before. I’ve gotten to fulfill a lot of my childhood dreams, working on Star Wars, Blade Runner and Marvel movies to name a few, but there’s little that compares to being able to interact and build with the fans from day one.”

With the launch of their first franchise, PlanetQuest, and a major airdrop campaign that lets fans start collecting in-game currency, Galactic is gearing up for a busy year filled with new releases across various media. Moreover, this could be just the start, as they have recently acquired the rights to develop a play-to-own gaming universe based on an undisclosed billion-dollar Hollywood movie franchise, according to the announcement.


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