Veyond Metaverse Launches XR 5D Digital Surgery with Apple Vision Pro

Veyond Metaverse, a specialist in AI-driven Extended Reality (XR) healthcare technologies, has announced the integration of Apple Vision Pro into its XR 5D Digital Surgery platform. Through its Veyond Connect platform, it hopes to transform anatomy education and remote-assisted surgeries. 

Addressing Global Cadaver Shortages with Digital Solutions

The global pandemic has worsened the shortage of cadavers for medical training. In response, Veyond Metaverse has created a 5D anatomy platform that mimics traditional cadaver-based education. This platform allows for interactive and repeatable dissections, providing ongoing training and helping meet the increasing global need for anatomical study resources.

The integration of Apple Vision Pro into Veyond Metaverse’s platforms allows for real-time collaboration and support during surgical procedures through their Veyond Connect platform. This advancement enhances surgical precision and efficiency, reflecting the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of healthcare technology. 

Enhanced Capabilities with Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro allows Veyond Metaverse to enhance surgical procedures and educational practices with its exceptional visual clarity and user-friendly interactions. According to the announcement, extensive testing has confirmed these technologies’ effectiveness.

According to Dr. Raymond Thein, a prominent figure in digital surgery, “Our recent endeavors, notably the world’s first 5D digital surgery, underscore the transformative impact of XR technology on healthcare.” He also highlights Veyond Metaverse’s role in setting new medical training and practice benchmarks.

Adam Choe, a visionary at Veyond Metaverse, expresses his optimism for the future: “We are at the cusp of a new era in medical education where our anatomy platform will become the gold standard.” With their innovative technologies and partnerships, Veyond aims to transform anatomical knowledge acquisition and enhance surgical skills globally fundamentally.

Metaverse Healthcare

Healthcare in the Metaverse is revolutionizing medical services by bringing them into virtual environments. This approach offers significant benefits for both healthcare professionals and patients. It enhances patient engagement, improves access to care, and provides flexible, cost-effective solutions.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are crucial. VR creates immersive 3D environments for more personalized doctor-patient interactions, and AR aids in disease identification and surgical diagnostics. Moreover, Holographic imaging allows patients to view their internal organs and medical records in 3D, enhancing their understanding of their conditions.

Furthermore, the Metaverse can also transform medical training. VR simulations allow medical professionals to practice complex procedures safely, developing critical skills without risk. Virtual surgeries offer trainees hands-on experience without physical contact, preparing them for real-life operations.


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