Earn Rewards with Phantom and Magic Eden’s Diamond Quest

Platform partnerships are becoming increasingly common in the fast-growing Web3 and digital collectibles world. This is evident in the latest collaboration between Phantom and Magic Eden, which aims to please the NFT community with a quest that rewards participants with Magic Eden Diamonds. The quest allows collectors and traders to earn rewards directly through their Phantom wallet by listing Solana NFTs on Magic Eden.

Phantom Wallet Quest Rewards?

Earning rewards through the Magic Eden Diamond Quest is simple. All participants need to do is list a Solana NFT on Magic Eden from their Phantom wallet weekly for four consecutive weeks. This can be done by enabling the Magic Eden Diamond Quest in Phantom Explore and using the “List on Magic Eden” feature to list your NFTs. Successful participants will receive their share of 500,000 Diamonds at the end of each week, deposited into their Magic Eden accounts. Phantom gives an example: “If 10,000 Phantom users participate in a week, each user will get 50 Diamonds.”

The quest will run for four weeks, starting on April 15th and ending on May 12th. To be eligible for the rewards, users must enable the Quest in Phantom before listing their NFTs and use the dedicated feature within Phantom for listing. Additionally, only NFTs from the top 100 Solana collections on Magic Eden will be considered for the rewards.

For users with multiple accounts, the good news is that rewards can be earned on any account, as long as the quest is enabled first. However, it’s important to note that only one NFT listing per account per week is eligible for rewards. Multiple listings from the same account will not multiply the rewards.

Distribution of Rewards

Once the quest is completed, the Diamonds will be distributed to users’ Magic Eden accounts within one to two weeks. These Diamonds can be viewed by connecting your Phantom wallet to Magic Eden. However, they will not appear in your Phantom wallet itself.

This collaboration between Phantom and Magic Eden showcases the growing synergy between digital wallets and NFT marketplaces. It provides an engaging opportunity for users to interact with the platforms and gain additional value from their trading activities.


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