TLM to WAX: 3 Top Exchange Platforms

The Web 3.0 world is ever-expanding, from new blockchains and NFTs to the Metaverse and DeFi. With these transformations come new avenues for investors to trade in the digital economy. TLM and WAX are two projects that show great promise for anyone looking to dive into blockchain tokenomics. 

This guide looks at both TLM and WAX and some of the best exchange platforms you can use to exchange TLM to WAX

Short TLM Review

(Trillium) TLM is a token in Alien Worlds, an NFT metaverse developed in 2020 that lets you collect and play with digital items. TLM tokens help players within the Alien World metaverse explore unfamiliar planets and participate in their governance. The more TLM you can stake, the more in-game functions you can execute. For instance, players use TLM to collect artifacts in the form of NFTs and purchase avatars and tools for quests and battles.

TLM utilizes a PoS consensus method and can be used outside the Alien Worlds metaverse on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Wax blockchains.

WAX Overview

Wax is a web 3.0 blockchain for digitally trading NFTs and gaming items. Developed in 2017, WAX has grown from a platform for selling digital collectibles to providing an open architecture for entrepreneurs looking to secure virtual trade and value items. 

The WAX blockchain uses WAXP tokens to power transactions. Gamers use WAXP tokens to trade their in-game items—over 400 million video gamers actively trade on WAX. The token also allows collectors looking to own digital collectibles to buy NFTs seamlessly and securely from multiple games within the blockchain. 

TLM to WAX: Best Ways to Exchange

To time your trade correctly, you will need to find an exchange platform that provides the best exchange rates and keeps your tokens secure. Here are the three best exchange platforms to consider.


Godex’s simple user interface allows you to exchange crypto seamlessly without registration. This feature saves you the tedious KYC process that requires you to provide your ID and address, which can be risky if this personal data falls into the hands of hackers.

The platform’s ability to offer fixed exchange rates also comes in handy when you want to profit from the small price changes associated with crypto.

Godex also has over 300 cryptos you can trade. This guarantees liquidity on your assets. 

Besides, the platform’s price tracker and crypto comparisons, such as DYDX vs UNI, provide up-to-date, resourceful content on new coins you need to know about.


LetsExchange lets you swap your crypto privately and at the most profitable rate in the market. The platform was launched in 2021 and currently supports the exchange of over 4,000 crypto coins. Like Godex, LetsExchange is a non-custodial exchange platform; hence, it doesn’t require you to provide private registration data. 

The platform has strong security protocols to protect it from DDoS attacks and an SSL certificate to protect your privacy while on its website. It also offers 24/7 live support to streamline the exchange process. 


This DeFi exchange platform has existed since 2020 and lets you trade tokens on multiple blockchains such as WAX, Proton, Telos, and EOS. Alcor started as a marketplace for NFTs before later supporting crypto swaps. It allows artists to create NFTs and sell them at no cost.

Alcor’s AMM Swap lets trade tokens anonymously. You only need to connect to your wallet or create one on the platform. Alcor also allows you to spot trade anonymously within their ecosystem while giving you up-to-date price changes.

The platform has a simple interface that lets you convert your TLM to WAX without much fuss. However, you’ll be charged a 0.3% liquidity provider fee and a 0.2% if you want to spot trade. Alcor also charges a 0.25% commission for both tokens.

How to Choose the Best Platform?

TLM and WAX are attracting the right amount of noise within the crypto community due to their use cases. To earn from the pair, you’ll need to analyze their price changes before trading them. The exchange platform you use to swap the pair also greatly determines whether you remain profitable in the long run. 


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