WOMBO Partners with io.net to Boost its Machine Learning Model

WOMBO has joined forces with io.net, marking a major step forward in its AI compute capabilities. As innovators in the field—io.net with decentralized, geo-distributed compute networks and WOMBO, creator of hugely popular AI Apps—they aim to utilize the potential of Apple silicon chip clusters to enhance WOMBO’s machine learning models.

Decentralizing Compute for AI Expansion

One of the major challenges for AI companies is the high costs, stiff competition, and limited availability of cloud computing resources, especially for start-ups. However, io.net addresses this issue by aggregating decentralized and geographically distributed GPUs, enabling companies to deploy computing clusters on demand at a significantly reduced cost.

With its decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) and boasting over 100,000 nodes that include high-end models such as NVIDIA A100 and H400, io.net offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for companies like WOMBO to access the necessary compute power.

Source io.net

Built on Solana, io.net also enables machine learning engineers to quickly and affordably establish Ray and Kubernetes clusters utilizing thousands of GPUs, demonstrating this decentralized network’s scale and potential.

WOMBO, already with an impressive 200 million downloads for its AI applications, can utilize io.net to accelerate its growth further while simultaneously lowering its operating costs.

Tapping into the Power of Apple Silicon

The core of the partnership between WOMBO and io.net will use Apple silicon chip clusters to power WOMBO’s complex machine-learning models.

This project aims to harness the advanced Neural Engine capabilities of Apple’s chips combined with io.net’s mega-clustering capabilities, potentially tapping into the computing power of millions of consumer devices for AI workloads.

WOMBO’s CEO, Ben-Zion Benkhin, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with io.net, saying, “We are excited about partnering with io.net to help bring unused computing power and put it to use in groundbreaking AI applications – together, our teams have the potential to put a serious dent in the GPU supply shortage,”

Exciting Growth Potential

The announcement also highlighted io.net’s readiness to support WOMBO’s expanding compute infrastructure needs. A representative from io.net stated, “With over 74 million people across more than 180 countries at its peak, WOMBO is an example of a consumer AI application at scale. io.net’s network has now eclipsed 520K GPUs and CPUs in just five months and with an infrastructure value over $2B, we are prepared to help WOMBO scale their compute infrastructure.”

The partnership between WOMBO and io.net represents another step towards the future of AI compute capabilities. By utilizing decentralized GPU networks and Apple silicon chip clusters, this collaboration promises to fuel the growth and success of WOMBO’s innovative AI applications.


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