STEPN Rolls Out $30 Million Airdrop Ahead of Major Sports Brand Partnership

STEPN, the popular move-and-earn lifestyle app, has recently launched a massive airdrop campaign to distribute 100 million FSL Points, equivalent to USD 30 million, to its community members. This move comes just before a partnership announcement with “one of the world’s best-known sports brands.”

A Two-Phase Airdrop for Maximum Rewards

The airdrop is divided into two phases and will conclude on Wednesday, April 10th. The first phase targets STEPN badge holders, rewarding them for their achievements within the app. Next, the second phase rewards Genesis Sneakers holders, giving higher rewards to the most dedicated users.

According to the announcement, these FSL Points enable participation in future STEPN mints and increase the chances of securing exclusive prizes.

FSL Points can be exchanged for GMT, STEPN’s native token, at a 1:1 conversion rate. This not only increases the value of these points but also allows users to participate in future mints and exclusive rewards within the STEPN marketplace. Additionally, recipients need to claim their rewards by the end of April and must meet specific criteria, including signing up for an FSL ID.

Connecting the Physical and Digital World

Since its launch in 2021 by FSL, STEPN has gained a user base of 5 million by combining physical activity with cryptocurrency incentives. Users can purchase virtual Sneaker NFTs and earn rewards by tracking their physical activities through the smartphone app. This innovative approach has garnered widespread attention and positioned STEPN as a leader in the move-and-earn sector.

Source STEPN

A Promising Future for STEPN

This airdrop campaign is just the beginning of several major announcements from STEPN, all aimed at solidifying its competitive edge in the market. Furthermore, as the crypto industry enters a new cycle and interest in fitness solutions incorporating blockchain technology increases, STEPN is in a great position to capitalize on this trend.

Shiti Manghani, CEO of STEPN by Find Satoshi Labs, expressed the company’s appreciation towards its loyal community members through this airdrop campaign. “We have decided to launch this huge airdrop campaign as a token of gratitude to our most loyal community members, providing them with priority access to our upcoming mints and other exclusive rewards.”


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