Kaidro Spark Suit Mint: A Gateway to Exclusive Benefits

On April 9th, the digital universe of Kaidro will expand with the much-anticipated launch of the Spark Suit NFT mint. This event promises an expansion of the Kaidro lore and a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to immerse themselves deeper into the Kaidro universe.

Detailed Minting Process

The Spark Suit Mint kicks off at 1 pm UTC on April 9th, costing 50 $RON per NFT. The total supply is capped at 9,999 NFTs, ensuring exclusivity and value for participants. The team structures this minting event around two main stages: the Allowlist and the Public Stage.

Allowlist Stage: Exclusive Early Access

The Allowlist Stage commences at 1 pm UTC on April 9th, dedicating 9,500 NFTs to a pre-selected group. This group includes KOLs, Ronin creators, communities, Mystics, members of Guild.xyz, and Journal NFT holders who meet specific criteria.

Journal NFT holders must complete the following steps to be eligible for the Allowlist Stage raffle:

  • Connect your wallet to the Kaidro website.
  • If you hold a Journal NFT, complete the first two quests listed on your profile page by April 5th, 1 a.m. UTC.
  • Hold at least 50 RON combined in your wallet and RON staking (excluding LP and Metalend staking) by April 5th, 1 am UTC.
  • Check your eligibility for the Allowlist Stage raffle on Mavis Market on April 6th.
  • If eligible, mint your Kaidro Mech NFT during the Allowlist Stage on April 9th, starting at 1pm UTC.

Public Stage: Broadening the Horizon

Following the exclusive window, the Public Stage opens at 3 pm UTC on April 9th. It welcomes anyone with a Ronin Wallet to participate, offering over 200 NFTs, including any remaining from the Allowlist Stage. The team reserves the remaining 299 NFTs for its members.

This stage is first-come, first-served, with a limit of five mints per wallet.

Beyond the Mint: Spark Suit NFT Utility

Spark Suit NFTs are keyholders to an array of benefits within the Kaidro universe. They serve as battle passes, proof of membership, and enhance the holder’s reputation. Benefits include access to exclusive quests, higher reward tiers, and the ability to utilize Mechs in the mythical realm of Tal’jor.

Upon minting, each NFT reveals an unopened Mech Crate belonging to one of the clans within the Kaidro universe. The excitement unfolds the next day as holders can reveal their randomly generated Spark Suit, further deepening their engagement with the Kaidro story.

Participation in the Spark Suit mint extends beyond acquiring a digital asset; it is an investment in the rich tapestry of the Kaidro narrative, inspired by “Kaidro: The Awakening.” Following its free NFT mint in March, this mint event aims to enrich the community’s experience and support the future of the Kaidro animation series and comic books, making holders an integral part of the storytelling journey.


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