Nakamoto Games Launches Three New Titles in Gaming Blitz

Nakamoto Games, a Web3 gaming hub, has unveiled plans for three major releases in the coming weeks, signalling a major moment in the company’s trajectory. This announcement marks the beginning of a dynamic development marathon to strengthen its position in the gaming market.

Upcoming Releases Set to Redefine Gaming

The first of these releases is a AAA Collectible Card Game, GalacticGrail, set to debut on April 1st. This launch is expected to set new standards in the collectible card game genre. Following closely is Dawn of the Damned, an action shooter game designed to provide an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience. 

The third release, DUO, a strategic card game they say boasts over 300 million fans worldwide, aims to redefine player engagement and competitive gameplay. These releases are not just significant additions to Nakamoto Games’ portfolio but are also seen as milestones reflecting the company’s “commitment to excellence, innovation and consistency in delivering new products.” 

Preparing for a Gaming Bull Market

Nakamoto Games is positioning these releases as a precursor to a broader gaming bull market. The company is optimistic about the future with Tier 1 listings and major product releases in the pipeline. Nakamoto Games is charging ahead during this period with an intense focus on development and market expansion, introducing innovative gaming experiences.

Key Developments and Objectives

Nakamoto Games has reported progress across various departments. System analysts have enhanced quest feature support and are finalizing a user-friendly chat system to improve community interaction. Mobile development teams are ensuring iOS testing and setting up Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CICD) for Android. 

Meanwhile, the frontend team is finalizing the $NAKA Quest and supporting a TopUp campaign to improve financial transactions on the platform.

Backend developments include substantial progress in services that enhance gaming experiences, such as the Season Pass, TopUp Campaign, and Admin API improvements. Additionally, smart contract developments and quality assurance efforts focus on automation and thorough testing across mobile platforms and gaming campaigns.


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