Enhancing Web3 Gaming: WAX Joins Forces with Amazon Web Services

WAX has announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to integrate its blockchain tools into the Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) service. This move aims to simplify the development process for blockchain-based games and apps by providing direct access to WAX’s Web3 networks through the AWS console.

Simplifying Development for Blockchain Applications

The integration with AMB allows developers to deploy WAX blockchain nodes directly from the AWS console, eliminating the need for specialized infrastructure. This facilitates the development on both the WAX mainnet and testnet, making it easier for developers to experiment and innovate within the gaming sector.

Source WAX

The collaboration between Amazon Web Services and WAX is focused on providing developers with the tools needed to advance in the Web3 gaming space, expected to lead to the creation of new, reliable, and high-performing gaming experiences.

“The new partnership between WAX and Amazon Web Services is a major next step on our journey to the mass adoption of Web3, enabling both blockchain-native and traditional Web2 developers alike to start building their applications on the WAX blockchain or implement decentralized features into their existing projects with ease,” said Lukas Sliwka, CTO at WAX, in a statement.

A big advantage of this partnership is improving the performance and reliability of gaming transactions. WAX’s blockchain offers fast transaction speeds and 500-millisecond block finality, ensuring secure and almost immediate gaming interactions. 

Introducing WAX Blockchain Nodes on AWS

With this collaboration, two types of WAX Blockchain nodes are available on AWS: the API Node and the Ship Node. The API Node supports real-time interactions and transaction facilitation. At the same time, the Ship Node provides access to the blockchain’s history for extensive data queries. Designers have made both consistent and scalable operations, allowing projects to effectively utilize the blockchain’s capabilities.

This partnership between WAX and AWS reflects WAX’s commitment to enhancing e-commerce and digital interactions through blockchain technology. By leveraging AWS’s digital infrastructure, accessing and using WAX’s blockchain capabilities has become simpler for developers, paving the way for future blockchain-based gaming innovations.


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