‘Binance Women in Technology Academy’ Reaches Out to Earthquake Zones

In an uplifting response to the devastation wrought by the February 6 earthquakes in Turkey, the Binance Women in Technology Academy, a collaboration between Binance and the Women in Technology Association (Wtech), has shifted its focus towards Hatay, a southern province significantly affected by the disaster. 

The Academy recently conducted a two-day program on March 26-27 in Hatay’s Antakya district, aiming to empower young female university students in the earthquake zone. This initiative sought to equip these women with essential skills and knowledge for navigating the Web3 world, covering areas such as financial literacy, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, NFTs, and cybersecurity.

Commitment to Community and Web3 Education

The Academy’s broader mission is to increase women’s representation in crypto, blockchain, and Web3, thereby enhancing Turkey’s technological and economic stature while combating gender inequality within the industry. Launched at the start of 2024, the Binance Women in Technology Academy recently held a ceremony for its first graduating cohort.

This initiative seeks to introduce young women to the technological realm and empower them with the skills to lead in both their individual careers and within their communities.

Zehra Öney, the Founding Chair of the Women in Technology Association, expressed the association’s goals and the impact of their efforts post-earthquake. “Our main goal has always been to train expert and competent individuals in the field of technology and to carry out focused efforts to increase the number of women in the workplace, production processes, and entrepreneurship,” Öney remarked. 

The dedication to shifting the program’s focus to the earthquake zone, welcoming 80 female university students in Hatay, reflects a commitment to not only immediate disaster response but also long-term educational empowerment.

Harika Eldoğan, Binance’s Marketing Director for Turkey, shared insights into the Academy’s ambitions at the recent graduation ceremony, where 50 female participants were awarded certificates. Eldoğan outlined the Academy’s objective of educating 5,000 women over the next five years.

“We are working to expand the ecosystem in Turkey,” she stated. “Especially for us, it is very important to include young people and women in this ecosystem. We support women in evaluating new opportunities in their journey towards financial freedom and supporting their development in these areas.”

Her final thoughts emphasized the community-building aspect of the Binance Women in Technology Academy, beyond its educational scope. She stated, “Through this program, women working in different fields can come together, connect with each other, and share knowledge and experiences.”

A Responsive and Supportive Approach to Disaster

Mücahit Dönmez, General Manager of Binance Turkey, reflected on the immediate actions after the earthquake, emphasizing the region’s importance to Binance. “As Binance TR, we have taken important steps to show our support for earthquake victims,” Dönmez said, outlining the multifaceted support provided, including $100 worth of BNB donations to each user in affected areas. 

Dönmez added, “Donations collected through Binance Charity were sent to the Turkish Red Crescent to support earthquake victims, and steel houses were built through our donation to AHBAP and opened for use as schools.”


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