AnimeChain: Azuki’s New Frontier with Arbitrum and Weeb3

The Arbitrum Foundation has revealed a collaborative effort to launch AnimeChain with Azuki, a Web3 anime project, and the Weeb3 Foundation, which is responsible for developing a Web3-based anime network. 

This pioneering project is set to revolutionize the world of anime, integrating Web3 technology to enrich the anime experience on a global scale. The initiative will bring together first—and third-party anime content, games, merchandise, and NFTs to start a new chapter in anime fandom.

Uniting Anime Fans and Creators

The anime industry’s growth has led to a disjointed fan experience. Currently, fans navigate through many platforms to consume content, purchase merchandise, engage in discussions, read reviews, and play games, resulting in a fragmented community.

AnimeChain aims to build a global, on-chain anime network that its creators and users govern. This effort focuses on creating an anime experience that fosters deeper fan involvement at every interaction and promotes shared benefits in the future of anime culture.

Nina Rong, the Arbitrum Foundation’s Head of Ecosystem Development, expressed her enthusiasm: “We are excited to collaborate with Weeb3 Foundation and Azuki to introduce AnimeChain. Arbitrum’s leading blockchain scaling technology will empower AnimeChain to redefine the anime experience for fans and creators worldwide.”

Source Weeb3

A Vision for the Future of Anime

Azuki, a pioneering Metaverse brand from the secretive Chiru Labs team, has been in the spotlight since its launch. Their virtual world, “The Garden,” introduced in January 2022, has seen over 10,000 anime avatars tokenized and sold as NFTs. The collection quickly amassed $29M in sales, selling out in minutes.

Azuki’s CEO, Zagabond, shared his vision: “We are proud to be the first launch partner on AnimeChain, which will provide an opportunity for a new approach to create and consume anime IP. We are excited to revolutionize the anime fan experience.”

Given the global anime market’s projected value exceeding $60 billion by 2030 and its status as one of the fastest-growing sectors in entertainment, it’s clear anime has a massive following. Notably, over half of Netflix’s subscribers watched anime in 2021, highlighting its widespread appeal.


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