Relaxed Fit: Best NFT & Traditional Mobile Games for Casual Players

If you have a smartphone, then you have all the equipment you need to start gaming. In fact, casual mobile games are now the cornerstone of the industry. Though most people think that major eSports and game streaming platforms represent the bulk of the gaming world, think again.

Over the last decade, it’s not the rise of competitive gaming leagues and teams that have spread the zeitgeist. Instead, the reason more people are gaming now is because they have access to smartphones, more powerful mobile networks, and more beginner-friendly games than ever before. Though some gamers are certainly competing at a high level, the vast majority just want to relax and pass the time.

If you’re new to gaming and aren’t sure where to get started, don’t worry. We’ve got a list of suggestions that are suitable for newcomers, including some of the most highly rated NFT P2E mobile games on the market. Best of all, every title listed below can be downloaded straight to your Android or Apple device—or a tablet, assuming you prefer a larger screen.

Book of Dead

In terms of casino gaming, the most-played titles in the world are slots. We recommend diving in with Rich Wild & the Book of Dead first. To play, simply spin the reel and wait for winning combinations and bonus rounds to unlock. You’ll be taken on a daring adventure deep into a crypt that houses a dangerous book—the Book of Dead. Rich Wilde is a hero on par with others like Indiana Jones, which means you’ll take part in a thrilling adventure with each spin.

Axie Infinity

This wouldn’t be a list of the best mobile games without a mention of the NFT-based, P2E Axie Infinity. If you remember the magic of NeoPets, then you’ve got the basic idea of this game. Players start with a few monsters (known as Axies), which they can breed, train, and battle against other Axies. There’s plenty of customization available, along with two competition modes: PvE and PvP. Battles help players earn AXS and SLP, which can both be used in the Axie Marketplace.  


This short and sweet game takes players into the life of a mysterious character. Players must help her unpack as she leaves her home and attends university, then gets her first job—on and on. The puzzle has very straightforward mechanics, making it easy for anyone to play. But the unique and intriguing storyline is also worth exploring. It asks the question, Can you know somebody based solely on what they pack to move and where they end up?


This NFT game is focused more squarely on helping players earn rewards, especially via passive gaming. The goal is for players to collect powerful characters and create an arena for them to compete in. From there, players will take down some of the biggest villains from Roman, Greek, Indian, Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese mythology. Similar to Axie Infinity, the marketplace in EpicHero is fully sustainable, meaning you’ll probably see this game grow in popularity over the next few years.

Stardew Valley

If you’ve dabbled in gaming before, then you’ve probably heard of Stardew Valley. This hit game is one of the most widely played around the world. Straight from your smartphone, you can dive into this unique adventure sim. After starting with the task of fixing up a rundown farm, you’ll have plenty of options in terms of how to spend your time in this virtual village. You can farm, fish, take on side quests, or simply mingle with other virtual locals.

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I Love Hue

This abstract and artsy game challenges players to create mosaics that are based on colored gradients. Though it might sound too straightforward or casual, the goal here is pure relaxation. There are no time restraints or movement restraints, allowing you to tinker with each mosaic piece as long as you need. This game is ideal for those with little or no experience playing any type of video game—all you need to do to play is drag and drop colorful tiles around a board.

Forest Knight

Similar to EpicHero, the NFT game Forest Knight places a strong emphasis on fantasy themes and includes a fully-fledged in-game economy. To get started, all you have to do is start exploring the vast map like in a regular RPG—you’ll encounter your first mission shortly after. From there, you can start leveling up, creating a team of powerful knights, and even building your own city. Every challenge and encounter provides you with an NFT to add to your collection—assuming you win, of course. 


This puzzle game offers a unique twist on gridded play. To advance to the next level, players must create large chains by cobbling together mechanical gears. The setup and grid do take a little time to learn, but those with inquisitive and logical minds will love the challenge. On top of that, the game has kitschy and memorable graphics along with a cute-horror theme that can’t be found elsewhere. 

Project Makeover

Project Makeover is a social and fashion simulation. These types of simulation games allow players to step into the shoes of a character and decide how they navigate all types of situations. In this game, fashion is the focus. Players must figure out what their unique style is, then help others glam up their lives, outfits, makeup looks, and even outlooks on life. If you’ve gravitated toward shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians or Queer Eye, then you’ll love this title.


At its most basic, Upland is a P2E NFT game that includes a marketplace where you can trade your UPX coins and NFTs. There’s even a fiat exchange hosted by Linden Labs that lets players trade in their crypto for USD. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unique features. This game includes a virtual board game setup that closely mirrors Monopoly. Rather than New York City addresses, players will buy, trade, and take control of real-world locations.

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