Avalanche Partners with Alipay+ for Web3 Voucher Program

Avalanche is teaming up with Alipay+ D-store and its e-wallet partners to roll out a Web3-enabled voucher program across Southeast Asia. The program allows users to earn up to 50% discounts on milk teas from 10 renowned brands, redeemable at over 500 participating shops, with plans to expand to more than 2,000 outlets. Customers can access these vouchers by engaging with a branded mini-game available through one of Avalanche’s partners in the region.

Integration and Consumer Engagement

Constructed on an Avalanche Subnet and managed by AvaCloud, this initiative marks the commencement of a two-phase proof-of-concept (POC). The second phase aims to broaden the program’s reach to food and beverage merchants and extend its user base to over 100 million people across the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Chinese tourists visiting these nations.

Alipay+ D-store facilitates this program by offering an integrated platform for in-store processes, online sales, orders, marketing, and analytics. With no initial costs, it aims for an easy setup process, encouraging broad participation from leading e-wallets in Southeast Asia.

Consumers stand to gain from this program through a simple and engaging process. By playing a mini-game hosted on the Alipay+ D-store within an Alipay+ partner e-wallet, participants can earn a Web3-enabled voucher as a reward for completing the game.

Upon securing the voucher, customers can claim and use it to obtain discounts on milk tea purchases. This not only provides a fun interactive experience but also offers tangible benefits in the form of discounts, enhancing the overall shopping experience for milk tea enthusiasts.

According to the announcement, “The POC will allow brands like Alipay+ D-store to test Web3 solutions, including how they can help merchants foster new forms of interaction with users, helping retain them and generate new revenue streams.” 

Enhanced Flexibility and Future Collaborations

Avalanche Subnets provide the technical backbone for this program, offering customizable blockchain solutions that maintain transparency and Web3 capabilities. Moreover, this flexibility paves the way for future collaborations with brands utilizing digital collectibles and blockchain features.

Furthermore, the initiative leverages AvaCloud, allowing Alipay+ D-store and other enterprises to implement Subnets without the burdens of maintenance and development, thanks to Ava Labs’ support. This approach mirrors the successful adoption of AvaCloud Subnets by industry giants such as AWS, Deloitte, and SK Planet.


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