Pixelverse: New Quest-Based Battler Set for April Launch on Raiser.co

Scheduled for an April release on Raiser.co, Pixelverse, a quest-based battler game led by former StepApp CEO Kirill Volgin, is getting ready for its official launch. The game, set to debut alongside the alpha release of the Pixelverse Playground, marks the second project to be launched on the platform. 

On the mean streets of Xenon, a cyberpunk universe, Pixelverse offers players narrative-driven quests, player versus environment (PvE) battles, and the chance to collect valuable NFT items. There is also the opportunity to train unique ‘bots’ for competitive arena battles.

‘Risk to Earn’ For Competitive Gaming in Pixelverse

In this immersive world, players take on the role of freelancers tasked with gathering rare items to craft and enhance bots for supreme dominance in the arena. Thanks to Pixelchain and the Pixelverse SDK, all in-game assets, including freelancers and bots, are securely stored on-chain as NFTs. This ensures low-cost transactions and facilitates smooth integrations with third-party products.

Moreover, the game’s ‘Risk to Earn’ model introduces an extra competitive layer, allowing players to stake tokens on their performance, with victors claiming all rewards.

Led by founder and CEO Kirill Volgin, Pixelverse aims to make a major impact on Web3 Gaming. Kirill’s prior project, StepApp, quickly generated $3.85 billion in volume, highlighting his prowess for leading innovative ventures.

Reflecting on Pixelverse’s journey up to the launch on Raiser.co, Kirill Volgin said, “This is a brand new milestone for me. StepApp has shown itself to be the only move to earn project with an active userbase, sustainable and growing economy, and offering true innovation, it has been the market leader for a long time. I’ve taken all of this experience and decided to give myself a new challenge and launch Pixelverse, along with an expert team with deep experience in the web3 and gaming space.”

The Team and Platform Fueling Pixelverse

Raiser.co emerges as the launchpad for Pixelverse, created by Kori Leon, a former Binance listing manager. With a sales mechanic called FCO (Fair Community Offering), the platform’s approach to investment opportunities by rewarding users’ crypto project promotion efforts makes it an ideal launchpad. 

Furthermore, Mahamadou Cissé joins the venture as Pixelverse’s CMO, bringing a wealth of experience from his time as strategy director with Cross The Ages. Cissé played a role in the NFT card game’s success, securing backing from 60 VC firms, selling over 30 million digital trading cards, and partnering with Ubisoft.

As the launch date draws near, the Pixelverse team looks forward to delivering a game with a Web3 welcome for all. Volgin added in the announcement, “We are really looking forward to creating a cool game for everyone to play, not just web3 users but gamers with no experience in web3, and we really think that Raiser’s Fair Community Offering is the right approach for our go-to-market to engage with our new users and fans.”


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