Blockchain Meets MMORPG in ‘NIGHT CROWS’: Pre-Download Begins

Blockbuster MMORPG “NIGHT CROWS,” developed by MADNGINE and published by Wemade, will be available for pre-download on March 11th, setting the scene for its much-anticipated official launch.

Gamers worldwide can access the PC and mobile versions of NIGHT CROWS ahead of time through the official website, gearing up for the game’s official start on March 12th at 1 PM KST. This pre-download option offers players a head start in diving into the game’s immersive universe.

A Glimpse into “NIGHT CROWS”

NIGHT CROWS is a cross-platform MMORPG that leverages Unreal Engine 5 to bring to life a 13th-century European world filled with high-quality graphics and dynamic battles featuring Gliders. Furthermore, the game promises a rich storyline and engaging gameplay, blending historical intrigue with Web3 gaming technology.

In the game, the ‘Battlefront’ feature provides an extensive inter-server arena. At the same time, the ‘World Exchange’ facilitates the merging of server economies and other aspects, creating an interconnected universe.

Introducing Multi-Tokenomics and Character NFTs

NIGHT CROWS incorporates blockchain technology into its gameplay through multi-tokenomics and ‘Character NFTs’. The game introduces seven multi-utility tokens minted with in-game assets and items, transcending the conventional single-token model. CROW, the primary currency in the game, allows players to buy six different in-game item tokens or to trade them on WEMIX PLAY. These utility tokens can be swapped or burned for CROW, which can then be used to acquire in-game items.

These tokens, alongside Character NFTs that encapsulate detailed character information, bridge the in-game economy with the real world, offering a novel gaming experience. NIGHT CROWS recognizes user ownership of characters within the game’s guidelines and facilitates the conversion of these characters into assets through NFT minting.

According to their website, NIGHT CROWS will feature a “Play and Earn” tokenomics model and a “Play and Own” NFT economy centred on the Character NFTs. These innovations are set to form the foundation of a new blockchain economy, emphasizing the value created by users.

Supporting six blockchain networks and three wallets via the omnichain network, “NIGHT CROWS” ensures a wide-reaching and inclusive platform for players. Through Wemade’s support for networks like WEMIX3.0, Avalanche, BNB, Ethereum, Kroma, and Polygon, along with compatibility with una Wallet, WEMIX Wallet, and PLAY Wallet.

Source NIGHT CROWS on Google Play

Anticipation Builds with Successful NFT Collection

The excitement surrounding the NIGHT CROWS’ download was further amplified by the success of the NFT collection “The Night is Coming,” launched in January to commemorate the game’s global pre-registration. Moreover, the collection sold out on the release day, highlighting the growing anticipation and enthusiasm for the game’s global unveiling.

As “NIGHT CROWS” prepares for its official service launch, the gaming community eagerly awaits the opportunity to explore its detailed world, innovative economy, and integration of blockchain technology.


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