GeoNFT Minting Made Simple with Lost Worlds’ New Creation Portal

Lost Worlds, a location-based NFT platform, has introduced a new Creation Portal that simplifies creating and deploying geographically-linked digital collectibles, known as geoNFTs. This update has a clear goal: to open up geoNFT creation to the masses. The new portal makes participation easier for a wide range of users, from individuals to large-scale enterprises. These users can now engage with the platform’s offerings, which resemble those of ‘Pokemon Go’, across various blockchains.

Lost Worlds’ geoNFT Creation Portal

The introduction of the Creation Portal marks a departure from the previous system, where crafting and launching geoNFTs necessitated direct interaction with the Lost Worlds team. Now, the portal opens up the ecosystem, allowing a broader audience to create geoNFTs tied to specific real-world locations without dealing with technical barriers. Supported by Ava Labs, this move is a step towards fulfilling Lost Worlds’ goal of directly connecting digital assets and physical experiences with their geoNFTs.

These geoNFTs can take many forms, for example, large-scale project drops or individuals looking to create tokens for personal events like parties, conferences, or geocaching adventures.

Source Lost Worlds

User-Friendly Features and Future Enhancements

The Creation Portal features an intuitive design that allows users to mint geoNFTs directly, eliminating the need for a dedicated mobile application. This design aims to lower the entry barrier to the Lost Worlds ecosystem, thereby welcoming global participation.

Looking ahead, the platform has ambitious plans. It aims to incorporate advanced features and functionalities, drawing from user feedback, including a wider variety of location types. Additionally, other token automation options are on the table, as well as airdrops, bounties, teleportation, and GameFi integrations.

Source Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds, supported by notable blockchains such as Avalanche and Polygon, uses geoNFTs to enhance visitor engagement at cultural sites and amusement parks and drive customer loyalty and sales for retail and hospitality businesses. By combining physical venues’ appeal with digital collectables’ interactive possibilities, Lost Worlds is charting a new course for NFT utility.

Overall, whether to broaden a digital collection or boost business engagement, the Creation Portal aims to be a Web3 doorway to unexplored forms of digital interaction, bridging the gap between the real and the virtual.


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