Bitcoin Network NFT Sales Soar to $162 Million

NFTs has been making headlines lately, with record-breaking sales and unprecedented growth. And last week, it was the Bitcoin network that stole the show with its impressive performance in NFT sales.

The numbers speak for themselves: over $162 million in transactions were recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain alone, marking a whopping 76% increase from the previous week. This puts Bitcoin Ordinals at the forefront of the NFT market, solidifying its position as the leading blockchain in this space.

But that’s not the only impressive figure from last week’s NFT sales – let’s take a closer look at the overall market performance and other notable players.

Ethereum Closely Follows 

While Bitcoin took the top spot, Ethereum was not far behind with its own impressive numbers. The Ethereum blockchain recorded $160 million in NFT sales, further solidifying its position as the second-highest performer in the market. Other notable blockchains that saw increases in NFT sales include Solana, and BNB Chain.

Leading NFT Collections 

It’s not just the blockchain networks that are seeing significant growth – it’s also the leading NFT collections that are driving this surge. The top performers last week were Bitcoin’s Uncategorized Ordinals and NodeMonkes, with sales of over $41 million and $35 million, respectively.

Some individual NFT sales also made headlines last week, with a Bitcoin “Burgie” NFT selling for $1.44 million and a Solana “Composable Restaking Position” NFT selling for $1.1 million. These impressive figures further demonstrate the growing interest and demand for NFTs in the market.

Growing Interest Amid OpenSea Decline

The surge in overall NFT sales is not just due to increased spending by existing buyers – there’s also a growing number of new players entering the market. Last week, there was a 41% increase in the number of NFT buyers, indicating a growing interest and participation in this space.

While the overall market saw substantial growth last week, one top NFT marketplace experienced declines in sales and active users. OpenSea, one of the leading NFT marketplaces, saw a dip in performance in February, reaching its lowest levels since May 2021. This could be attributed to the increasing competition in the market, with more players entering and challenging OpenSea’s dominance.


In conclusion, last week was a record-breaking one for the Bitcoin network, with its impressive performance in NFT sales. But it’s not just Bitcoin – the overall NFT market saw a 32% increase in sales from the week before, further solidifying the growing interest and demand for this emerging asset class. It will be interesting to see how the market continues to evolve and which blockchain networks and collections will dominate in the coming weeks.  

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