Kusama’s New BEEFY Upgrade Enhances Interoperability and Connectivity

The Polkadot network has activated a new consensus protocol, named BEEFY, on its canary network, Kusama. This upgrade is a significant step towards improving interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem by enhancing verification processes with Ethereum and other EVM-compatible networks. 

The BEEFY protocol is designed to allow for efficient verification of Kusama’s cryptographic state and its parachains across widely-used blockchains, significantly improving connectivity between different networks.

Bridges: Snowbridge and Hyperbridge

One of the major features of the BEEFY upgrade is the introduction of two bridges – Snowbridge and Hyperbridge. These bridges aim to facilitate better connectivity between Kusama and Ethereum, including Ethereum’s Layer-2 networks and new blockchain chains. By enhancing the flow of information and transactions, these bridges will enable smoother interaction between different networks, ultimately leading to a more interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

Seun Lanlege, Founder of Polytope Labs, has highlighted the significance of the BEEFY upgrade in increasing the value of interactions within Kusama and the Polkadot ecosystem. He emphasized the growing demand for interoperable solutions in the web3 space, where different networks can seamlessly communicate with each other and exchange assets, data, and smart contract instructions.

Fulfilling Polkadot’s Vision

The BEEFY protocol marks a major milestone in the evolution of the Polkadot ecosystem. Historically, Polkadot has functioned in relative isolation, with limited connectivity to other blockchain networks. However, with the BEEFY upgrade, Polkadot is moving closer to fulfilling its original vision of creating a highly interoperable, multi-chain framework, as outlined in its 2016 whitepaper.

The BEEFY upgrade has broad implications for the entire crypto community. By opening up new avenues for trade and interaction between Polkadot parachains and other blockchain networks, it will facilitate greater liquidity and flexibility in the market. This advancement also strengthens Polkadot’s position as a leading player in the blockchain space, offering users more options and opportunities for cross-chain transactions.

Trustless Bridges

Prior to the BEEFY upgrade, Polkadot had established several trustless bridges to connect with various networks such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Cardano, and Binance Smart Chain. These bridges enable the transfer of assets, data, and smart contract instructions between different networks in a secure and decentralized manner.

One of the trustless bridges connecting Polkadot to Bitcoin is Interlay, which was developed with support from the Web3 Foundation Grants. This bridge utilizes the XCLAIM protocol and enables users to convert their Bitcoin into PolkaBTC at a 1:1 ratio. By bridging these two major cryptocurrencies, Interlay further enhances the interoperability of the Polkadot ecosystem. 


The introduction of the BEEFY protocol on Kusama is a significant step towards achieving greater interoperability and connectivity within the blockchain ecosystem. With its bridges, Snowbridge and Hyperbridge, this upgrade will facilitate smoother interaction between different networks, fulfilling Polkadot’s vision for a highly interconnected multi-chain framework. 

The broad implications of the BEEFY upgrade for the crypto community highlight the growing need for interoperable solutions in the web3 space. With this advancement, Polkadot is further establishing itself as a leading player in the blockchain space, offering users more options and opportunities for cross-chain transactions. 

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