Pudgy Toys’ Nationwide Expansion: Now in 3,100 Walmart Stores

Pudgy Penguins has revealed the expansion of its partnership with Walmart. This collaboration introduces 1,100 new locations featuring Pudgy Toys and exclusive Walmart collectibles, marking another milestone in their joint venture.

Pudgy Penguins launched Pudgy Toys, a cute range of physical collectibles inspired by their successful NFT collection, in May 2023. The brand quickly gained popularity, achieving top seller status on Amazon and receiving accolades like the Toy Insider’s Top Summer Toy award. Following these wins, Pudgy Toys entered 2,000 Walmart stores in September 2023.

The latest development sees Pudgy Toys’ presence expand to 3,100 Walmart stores across the United States. The new offerings include five exclusive Pudgy figurines and 25 mystery igloos featuring unique characters. Furthermore, each toy incorporates a QR code unlocking interactive features within Pudgy World, an online gaming realm powered by the innovative Layer 2 blockchain, zkSync Era.

Luca Netz, CEO of Pudgy Penguins, highlighted the company’s innovative approach, stating, “By blending traditional digital platforms with innovative blockchain technology, we’re giving a new class of consumers tailored interactive experiences while elevating the online Web3 community.” 

Luca also said on X, “The Pudgy Penguins re-order in Walmart is an industry defining moment for NFTs, signalling that NFTs are here to stay and that the door to the masses is now open.”

Source Pudgy Penguins

Integration with NFT Intellectual Property

All Pudgy Toys are linked to existing NFT intellectual property, ensuring NFT holders receive ongoing royalty payments through the OverpassIP licensing platform. This platform simplifies the IP licensing process, enabling automatic royalty tracking for NFT holders and providing tangible real-world value and utility. The Walmart collaboration is a fine example of benefits for NFT holders licensing their assets for the latest Pudgy Toys release.

Product Offerings and Pricing

Walmart will offer a diverse selection of 30 Pudgy Toys, including the popular Lil Pudgys Igloo Collectibles and Action Figures, priced attractively between $2.99 and $11.97. Pudgy Penguins has introduced a fresh packaging concept with the Blind Box Collection Series for plush toys, enhancing the overall appeal of the product line.


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