Record-Breaking Sale: Autoglyphs Set Acquired For $14.6 Million

In a groundbreaking sale that has made headlines throughout the blockchain and art communities, a complete set of 10 Autoglyphs was recently acquired for an impressive 5,000 ETH. This staggering purchase, equivalent to approximately $14.6 million today, marks the highest NFT sale in the past two years and the fifth-largest on-chain purchase to date.

The Sale

The Autoglyphs, introduced in 2019 by Larva Labs, are the brainchild of the creators behind the iconic CryptoPunks. These unique pieces represent the pinnacle of on-chain generative art, with every aspect from their creation algorithm to final visual output existing directly on the Ethereum blockchain. This differs from many other NFTs that rely on off-chain storage, solving previous issues encountered by projects such as CryptoPunks.

The sale was facilitated through, a brokerage for rare digital art. Though the buyer has chosen to remain anonymous, a representative shared that they come from a background of collecting traditional analog art forms. They view the Autoglyphs as no different from a standard art acquisition, solidifying their value and significance within the art world.

The Collection

The acquired set of Autoglyphs is one of only seven complete sets in existence. This collection of 512 pieces is considered the purest form of generative art within the blockchain space. It is also among the three developer sets curated and minted directly by Matt Hall and John Watkinson of Larva Labs. This is a testament to the rarity and prestige of these pieces, solidifying their value in both the art and crypto communities.

The purchase of this Autoglyph set adds another milestone to its already impressive legacy. With over $50 million in secondary sales and exhibitions at prestigious venues such as Centre Pompidou and Sotheby’s, the Autoglyphs have proven to be a highly sought-after and valuable asset. This sale only further cements their impact and solidifies their place in the history of blockchain art.


The record-breaking sale of this complete set of 10 Autoglyphs for 5,000 ETH is a testament to the growing recognition and value of blockchain art. With each piece being immutable and without royalties, Autoglyphs truly represent the purest form of generative art within the blockchain space. This acquisition will undoubtedly be remembered as a defining moment in the evolution of NFTs and their impact on both the art world and the digital landscape.


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