Exverse Secures $3M for Web3-Powered FPS Gaming Evolution

Exverse, a free-to-play Web3 game, has successfully secured $3 million in a private funding round. With a focus on revitalizing the AAA first-person-shooter genre using Web3 technology, Exverse wants to address flaws they saw in early Web3 gaming models and deliver a high-quality gaming experience. 

Funding Success and Strategic Partnerships

Exverse’s private funding round, led by Cogitent Ventures, Cointelligence, and Moonrock Capital, raised an impressive $3 million. Notable industry giants, including KuCoin Labs, Epic Games, Seedify, and ChainGPT, also contributed. This financial boost will be allocated towards advancing the game’s development, establishing strategic partnerships, and expanding marketing efforts.

Addressing Flaws and Prioritizing Gameplay

Unlike many early Web3 gaming models that emphasized tokenomics and marketing at the expense of game development, Exverse wants to take a different approach. The game prioritizes crafting a high-quality gaming experience that appeals to mainstream gamers and crypto enthusiasts. By securing strategic partnerships with key industry players, Exverse aims to ensure successful development, a sustainable business model, and an effective market entry strategy.

Fei Ooi Hoong, CEO of Exverse, highlights the company’s strategy, “Our hybrid approach is the result of our understanding that for NFT or blockchain games to succeed post-bull market, they need to appeal to gamers in the same way as beloved titles like ‘Call of Duty,’ ‘Halo,’ and ‘Counter-Strike’ have. We decided to focus our efforts first on developing a fun and visually captivating game, and only then strategically working in the token mechanics in a way that rewards skill—all before conducting an IDO.” 

Source Exverse

Unique Gameplay Features and Expansive Universe

Exverse offers players an expansive universe spread across three distinct planets – Social, Quest, and Battle. Each planet caters to different gaming preferences while maintaining a cohesive narrative. The game emphasizes competitive gameplay, advanced physics, and dynamic visuals. Moreover, players can participate in social events and seasonal cycles and create user-generated content within Exverse’s universe.

Leveraging Epic’s Unreal Engine 5, Exverse combines blockchain technology with high-quality, real-time gameplay. Unlike pay-to-win models, Exverse focuses on skill-based rewards, allowing players to stake tokens at the start of a season. Top performers have the opportunity to earn profits from in-game NFTs, including cosmetic items and skins.


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