Deutsche Telekom and Foundation Forge Path in AI and Web3 Innovation

Deutsche Telekom and the Foundation are working together to push the boundaries of AI and Web3 technologies on the network, focusing on developing a platform that’s accessible to a vast audience.

As a key member and validator on the network, Deutsche Telekom Multimedia Solutions (MMS) is instrumental in maintaining security as it facilitates the integration of various entities into the blockchain. At the heart of this innovation are AI-based autonomous agents that oversee resource allocation, transaction processing, and traffic flow analysis. 

Moreover, now implements its offerings in diverse fields, including healthcare, the automotive sector, supply chain management, and digital identity management.

Blockchain and AI Industrial Services

The blockchain, leveraging the Cosmos protocol, is an open-source platform that freely shares its code across the globe. This innovative fusion of blockchain and AI is revolutionizing industries and sparking new innovations and partnerships. Furthermore, blockchain enhances security and transparency in data management, significantly improving AI’s efficiency by providing it with access to trustworthy data. 

Source Deutsche Telekom

AI utilizes the blockchain to analyze transactions and assist in making smart decisions. Additionally, Web3 technology merges AI and blockchain, effectively creating a decentralized internet that offers users increased privacy and control. This advancement encourages development in various sectors, including finance, healthcare, and the automotive industry, and sets the stage for future innovations.

Peter Busch from Bosch recognizes the critical role of the collaboration with Deutsche Telekom in advancing AI and Web3 technologies. With expertise in automotive and telecommunications, this partnership significantly contributes to the objectives of the Foundation.

Web3 technology builds a decentralized internet, offering users more privacy and control over their data. This advancement encourages progress across multiple industries, promoting a more secure and user-centric online environment.

Humayun Sheikh, CEO of, sees this partnership as a milestone in integrating practical applications of AI and Web3 technologies, saying, “This partnership is a significant milestone for Through research, development and practical application of agents, AI and decentralized Web3 technologies, real-world use cases can be integrated to enhance the existing network.” 

Finally, Deutsche Telekom MMS and will team up at the Bosch Connected Experience (BCX) on February 28 and 29, the largest IoT and AI hackathon in Europe, to develop new ideas on the blockchain.


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