Announcing Mythical Dragon Stone Auction In The Lunar New Year

As the Lunar New Year approaches, marking the start of the Year of the Wood Dragon, excitement is building around the world. People are preparing celebrations, reconnecting with loved ones, and looking forward to a year of new beginnings.

This Lunar New Year holds particular intrigue thanks to the mysterious MetaStones DAO. To celebrate the 2024 Year of the Dragon, MetaStones is auctioning a mythical digital asset called the Dragon Stone. This first ever and incredibly rare MetaStone is Infused with the auspicious nature of the dragon and the power of compassion to reshape reality with all proceeds from the auction going to charity.

Significance of the Year of the Dragon

In Chinese culture, each new lunar year brings the influence of one of 12 zodiac animals. 2024 marks the turn of the Dragon, a creature of legend representing power, nobility, and good fortune.

The dragon has long captured imaginations across China and beyond. Emperors adopted the dragon as a symbol of imperial power. People pray to dragon gods to bring rainfall and prosperity. Dragons appear everywhere during New Year festivities as a sign of auspicious tidings to come.

This year, the dragon takes on special meaning as a Wood Dragon year. Wood represents growth, health and imagination – perfect energies to channel during a renewal period. The last Wood Dragon year was in 1964, making this iteration particularly unique and remarkable.

Just as dragons breathe vitality into the new lunar cycle, the Year of the Wood Dragon promises to breathe new fire into our lives, communities, and creativity. What better way to welcome this energy than by embracing the magic of the Dragon Stone auction?

MetaStones DAO – Between The Real And The Meta

MetaStones is a new project leveraging blockchain and AI to bridge virtual worlds with physical reality. Built on deep Daoist philosophical themes of harmony and compassion, MetaStones envisions a future whereby the digital and tangible can positively uplift one another.

Central to this vision are two core concepts – the MetaStones themselves, and their guardian entities called StoneKeepers. MetaStones are unique digital assets tied to specific calendar dates. Though initially simple in appearance each one contains an easily understandable but intricate key to its own rarity.

Stone Keepers serve as protectors and revealers of MetaStones. These 365 NFT guardians of varying rarity awaken to help manifest MetaStones’ potential, acting as the bridge between worlds.

In Daoism, ‘DAO’ means ‘WAY’. All holders of a MetaStone or Stone Keeper NFT will become part of the MetaStone DAO: A decentralized autonomous organization with the daoist principles of compassion and humility at its heart.

The First Stone Awakens

Kicking off MetaStones’ journey is an elemental release: the Dragon Stone itself. As the world’s first MetaStone, the Dragon Stone holds suitably legendary properties. Its energies shine in synergy with the 2024 Year of the Wood Dragon, bound by fate to the same auspicious date.

Just as the Lunar New Year marks renewal and bright horizons, the Dragon Stone ushers a new era for MetaStones. Its auction presents the first chance to obtain membership in the MetaStones DAO.  The incredibly rare Stone is manifest in the green and gold colors of the auspicious Wood Dragon.

All proceeds from the Dragon Stone auction will go to the MetaStones DAO’s Compassion Treasury. All funds in the treasury given to charities as chosen by the DAO. This ensures positive real-world impact right from MetaStones’ inception.

This auction will also see the revelation of the Nine: the nine random losing bids will also receive a free StoneKeeper, and all royalties from these ten entities (the Dragon Stone and the Nine) will go towards supporting the Compassion Treasury in perpetuity.

The auction for the mythical Dragon Stone starts on the 10th  February, 2024 – the second new moon marking the Lunar New Year and Year of the Dragon – and ends on the 22nd. 

Ready to Harness the Magic?

The Year of the Dragon will see no shortages of joy, creativity, and new adventure. Yet the Dragon Stone auction brings something truly special to 2024’s festivities. Part legendary digital art, part portal to a wondrous world driven by unity and compassion, the Dragon Stone is a crystallization of this special lunar year’s mystical essence.

Will you be the one to claim the Dragon Stone? Doing so secures your founding spot in MetaStones’ Grand DAO, launching a collaborative vision to uplift our collective global horizon.




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