GoDaddy and ENS Partner to Simplify Web3 Domain Names

In the world of Web3, registering decentralized domain names has never been easier. With the recent partnership between GoDaddy and Ethereum Name Service (ENS), users can now seamlessly link their .eth domains with traditional DNS top-level domains at no extra cost.

ENS or Ethereum Name Service is a decentralized domain name system that simplifies wallet addresses by allowing users to register human-readable names on the blockchain. In addition to this, ENS also offers other features such as multi-currency support and self-sovereignty.

The Benefits of the Partnership

With GoDaddy’s involvement in the partnership, Web3 users can now easily link their .eth domains with traditional Web2 domains. This eliminates the barrier of high gas fees that previously discouraged users from bringing over their domain names to ENS.

Paul Nicks, president of domains at GoDaddy, explains that this partnership is “the fusion of domain names and blockchain technologies,” which ultimately benefits both the Web2 and Web3 ecosystems.

The ENS team has deployed new smart contracts for the resolution process, making it possible for DNS domain holders to have greater control over their decentralized identities. This paves the way for a new form of self-sovereignty and gives users the freedom to manage their online presence in a more secure and streamlined manner.

Unstoppable Domains and ENS

In July 2023, Unstoppable Domains allowed users to purchase .eth names using various payment methods and added functionality. All .eth domains purchased through Unstoppable are registered through the ENS smart contract and have the same features as those registered directly through ENS.

In November 2023, ENS developers were faced with a legal battle against Unstoppable Domains. The latter claimed that they held the patent for using blockchain technology to determine domain names. However, ENS developer Nick Johnson dismisses this claim and states that the patent is “based entirely on innovations that ENS developed and contains no novel innovations of its own.”


The partnership between GoDaddy and ENS is a significant step towards bridging the gap between traditional Web2 domains and Web3 decentralized domains. With the elimination of high gas fees and added functionality, users can now easily manage their online presence across both ecosystems. 

This development further solidifies the importance of blockchain technology in shaping the future of domain names. So, it is safe to say that the future of online identity management is in good hands with the GoDaddy-ENS partnership. With this seamless integration between traditional and decentralized domains, the possibilities for a more secure and user-friendly internet are endless.  


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